Saturday, July 6, 2013

Redheads, Redheads - Get Your Stunning Redheads!

 Special post for all you Redhead Lovers out there.  Gotta Love the Gingers!

More Handbras

There’s nothing sexier than a well endowed young lady who can support her assets manually!

More Handbras Here

Hottie of the Day - Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is one of China's most beautiful sights. She is a Chinese actress, director and pop singer and is one of the most popular of all Chinese Actresses.  She hasn't really made the crossover into American Movies and music yet, but we can hope she does.  That beautiful face would definitely catch on here in the States.

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How to Become the Most Popular Guy in the World

Do you feel like you do not have enough Twitter “followers”? Not enough Linked “friends”? How about Facebook “likes?” Are you in it just for the "friends"? Are social network sites just a popularity contest for you?

If you just follow some simple steps you can get 1,000,000+ followers in hours! How to do it? Easy! Here are ten easy shortcuts:

1.  Endanger the lives of your children by doing any of the following things with them in the house.

2.  Beat, scream at and otherwise abuse your spouse, partner and/or significant other.

3.  Abuse drugs and alcohol frequently, at the same time if at all possible— excess is better.

4.  Have even more frequent sex with whores— several at a time, if possible, the more the merrier.

5.  Make a public nuisance of yourself as often as possible, there are hundreds of ways to do that and you know most of them.

6.  Check yourself into drug rehab on a regular basis, get “cured”, and then trash the rehab program.

7.  Badmouth the people that gave you a job for (?) years as often and loudly as possible.

8.  Get fired from said job because nobody wants to work with you anymore— your “staff” will quit when this happens.

9.  Become a media whore— show up on every talk show (television and radio) that will give you the time of day and continue to act like a drugged-up moron with zero brain cells and spout gibberish.

10.  Open up new accounts on the social network sites and, without even saying a word, millions of people will sign up to “follow”, “friend” or “like” you.

There you have it!  10 easy steps to become the most popular dude on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network site you can think of. 

Can you say “WINNING!”

Couple Shows Us Their Trick Shots

A Couple show us their trick shots using a variety of balls (Pool...Billiards! Get your minds out of the gutter people!!! We don't always talk about sex.)

Interesting Gym Attire

I was talking about people getting in shape in the last post.  I guess this lady read it and went straight to the gym!

Hitting the treadmill in a dress and High Heels.  Judging by her legs, it must work for her. 

Why America is Fat - My Solution

I just did a search for “WHY AMERICA IS FAT” on Google and came back with 139 million results dedicated to the subject of the Fattening of America. I started clicking on the articles and found many of them to be written by experts who probably know what they are talking about.  The thing is, every single one of the articles said pretty much the same thing. We are becoming a country of lazy-ass Couch Potatoes who eat way too much.

Sorry, but I did not get through all 139 million results ( I read about 111 of them). It seemed that the big theme was that people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables and we hate exercise.  Of the 11 articles I read, 8 mentioned this specifically.

So how do we, as Americans, remedy this situation?

Easy you say...Eat more fruits and vegetable.  Easier said than done my friend.  According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 26% of the adult population eats its vegetables — despite a ten-year effort by the federal government to get Americans to eat more of them. The study went on to say that only 23% of meals in the United States actually include a vegetable.

OK, so it may be a little difficult to get everyone eating veggies.  I am sure you are thinking "Exercise is the answer El Jefe".  This too is tough to get across.  Remember, we are a nation of lazy couch potatoes.  I don't think we are going to get the lazy ones to the gym.  Hell, I don't even think we can get them to go to a mall or a park and walk a few days a week.  I think we need drastic measures.  Let's scare them into exercise.  Just hear me out, this is a can't miss scheme.  Why don't we let meat-eating wild animals roam the Urban concrete jungles of America?  Tigers, Hyenias, Lions, etc. bring them to the cities and let them have at it.  They would love to feast on the juicy, fatty flesh of Americans.  With these animals out there, people would have to get in shape because they would have to outrun them.  To get to the car from work, it would be a 100 yd. dash and if you can't make it...well, at least you are giving back to the animals in the food chain.  Think about it -- Wouldn't this be enough motivation to get into shape?  Your life literally would depend on it!  Did you ever see a fat caveman?  NO!  Why?  Because they had to run their asses off or get killed. 

And this is good for the animals too.  They would have a ton of fun.  They would practice and hone their hunting skills and at the same time have a never-ending supply of food.  Forget extinction.  These animals would probably thrive in our cities. 

So this is a win-win situation.  A win for us Americans since it would mean a healthier America and probably much lower health care costs (Darwin's survival of the fittest - If you are out of shape, you would be dead soon anyway.)  The animals would be happy and never go hungry again. 

What a great idea!  I am dialing Jack Hanna right now and ordering 7 tigers and 4 lions for New York City.  Be Ready NEW YORK!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Favorite Dresses - Double Whammy!

By Double Whammy, we mean Nips and Camel Toe. Just wanted to clarify.  And Hell, I don't even know if you would classify this as a dress.  Maybe we should start a new category: NSFW Outfits!

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Remy Lacroix is Back on the Blog

Remy Lacroix and her fine ass is back on the blog!  You might remember her from this Hula Hoop Video that was posted a while back.  Several guys (and Cheryl) wanted to see her on the blog again.  So here she is in a slappin' Gif showing off that Butt!!!

NSFW Pics of Remy are Here.

And we have a few more of the beautiful Ms. Lacroix below.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

That's Cute

The Thong.  Those red ribbons are so cute.  The Ass is Sexy!

More Thongs Here

If Everybody Laughed Like Ricky Gervais

The world would either be a much better place or it would suck, depending on what you think of his laugh. Personally, I have no problem with it and it cracks me up.  Anything that makes me laugh is an A+ in my book.  I have a couple of friends who say his laugh is the most annoying laugh in the world.  They hate it.  I guess it would suck for them!  What about you - Like it or Hate it?

Free Advice Fridays - Hate Your Office Co-Workers?

Then watch this video entitled "How to Piss Off Everyone in Your Office in 66 Seconds"  This video gave me a few good ideas!  Ron and Jessie, you better watch out on Monday!!!

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The Top 10 Most Paused DVD Movie Moments

This list is made by Some interesting picks. This is what they have to say:

Blink and you might miss 'em. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most-paused movie moments. For this list, we've picked the spots in movies where you ask yourself: did I just see that? And then rewind and pause a million times just to make sure.

God Might Be Called Oscar Mayer

WOW!  Bacon Hot Dogs!  HELL YEAH!!!

Bacon - The Food of the Gods

Google Maps Have Something Against the Sphinx

Not sure why they decided to blur out the face of the Sphinx.  Maybe they have something against Cats, or Cat-Like People.  What they should have blurred out is the sign for Criss Angel Believe.  I had the misfortune of seeing that show a while back (I was comped the tickets, Thank God I didn't pay for them.)  It sucked.  It was boring and it seemed as though it was all free-style.  Not rehearsed at all.  Long pauses, stupid non-witty dialogue and the illusions weren't even close to what he does on TV.  I gave it a 1 out of 10.  If you are in Vegas, Skip Believe!
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