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Which One? - Butts on the Bed!

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Our Favorite Lingerie - Thigh High Boots on the Bed

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Hottie of the Day - Jessica Jaymes

Jessica Jaymes was one of the Porn Stars that was featured in our "Before they were Porn Stars" post back in March. Here was her pic before and after she became a Porn Star:

As you can see, there is a Big (2X) change! Here are some more of her current pics. Being a porn star, there are plenty of NSFW pics of her out there.  Enjoy our Hottie of the Day!

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Our Favorite Dresses - Tight, Tight, Tight!

Personally, I don't like the shoes...but I don't think anyone is looking down there anyway!

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Canada May Have Socialized Medicine, But is It Worth The Wait...

I have a couple of friends from Canada and they rave about our private health care.  Yes, it is more expensive, but it is more effective.  They explained how long it took to get in to see a specialist.  First, you have to go to a General Doc a few times before they even consider sending you to a specialist.  Many times, you have to try a therapy or course of medication that lasts 6 or 7 months before going to the specialist.  Then, once you get referred, it takes months to get an appointment with one.  My friend Lisa told me that her uncle was having heart problems.  He went to the doctor twice, they deemed that he needed a specialist, but it wasn't an emergency.  Because of that, he had to wait almost three weeks before getting into the specialist.  On the 18th day, just two days before his appointment, her uncle had a heart attack and died.

Lisa now lives in near Niagara Falls, in Canada.  Whenever she has something serious, she will go over the border to Buffalo to get it checked out.  

I found this graph showing average wait times to get into to see a specialist.  Many feel Obama is pushing the U.S. towards a Canadian style of Socialized medicine.  I, for one, hope we stop short of "Canadianizing" our Health Care System.

Possible Blog Topics

I was out with my buddies drinking the other night and I scribbled down some random blog topics on a napkin.  Looking at it the morning after, I realized that they were some terrible blog topics and will probably never see the light of this blog. Here they are:

1. We have seen the Car that turns into a boat when it enters water...but what about a motorcycle that turns into a boat.  That would be cool!!!

2. The W-Neck Shirt for ladies.  Seriously, why do do we have v-necks for better boob/cleavage viewing when there are TWO boobs to be seen. I propose W-Neck Shirts.  Think About It!

3. Ethnic Names? Why? Why aren't there any White people named Tyronne or Shaniquea?  Why aren't there many African-Americans named Matthew or Cody?  Why has Bubba been confined to Rednecks?  For that matter, why are people with two first names always from the South?  

4. Super Bowl Halftime Shows Suck as of late.  Why not liven it up with some rock.  Not Rolling Stones Rock, but something like Motley Crue, Rob Zombie or a new rock band made up of former strippers who perform naked (We already saw Janet Jacksons Tit, why not a whole band of them?)

5. Ever notice how people can lip read somebody cussing, but they can't lip read anything else.  Some hottie is mouthing "I want you to take me home and do me all night long." and I would never be able to decipher it.  A football coach on the sidelines yells "That is Fucking Bullshit." and I immediately know what was said.  Come to think of it, I wonder how many Sex Encounters I passed up due to not being able to lip read!  This could be depressing!  

Some Crazy Ideas that Actually Make Sense!

[via Tastefully Offensive]

Friday, August 9, 2013

The USMC Never Looked Better!

Sign me up to be a Marine if she can be in my Platoon!!!

Our Favorite Lingerie - Anything That Kelly Brook is Wearing

Seriously, Kelly Brook could be wearing the shittiest piece of lingerie ever designed and I think she would make it look "Victorias Secrets" Worthy!

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Stacey Poole and Joey Fisher - The Definition of Teamwork!

That is Joey Fisher standing behind Stacey Poole.  Together, they make one of the greatest Handbras in the History of Handbras!  That, my friends, is teamwork!!!  God Bless Those two Lovely ladies  :)

Cherries and Bananas - Dumping A Guy Because of a Small Penis...

This one is more for Lanthie than myself, but I am going to chime in anyway.  I know we talked about Penis Size once in our Cherries and Bananas series, but this is looking at it from another angle.  Here is how this post developed:

I was with a couple of my dude friends the other night and one of them told me that his sister was breaking up with her boyfriend because his Penis was just way too small. (He wouldn’t say how his sister told him this, which is kind of weird.  I mean how many sisters go around talking about their sex life to their brothers?)  They had been dating about 5 months and she really likes him.  He has a good job, he’s good looking, nice personality, etc.  The one problem is that his dick is about 2 inches long when aroused (I swear, his sister told him this!)  She finally slept with him and it was horrible. 

My buddy thought it was wrong of her to dump him just because he has a small weiner (Insert Anthony Weiner Jokes Here).  She wasn’t having none of it.  She even told him that “I Love Sex and it is just too important for me.”  WOW!  I think he found out a lot more about his sister than he wanted to know! 

He asked us what I thought.  First off, if I were a guy with a small Penis (I am pretty normal sized, not too big and definitely not “Tiny”) I would spend endless hours honing my cunnilingus skills so that I might be able to dazzle women with my tongue to the point that they almost forget that we were supposed to start having normal sex.   So I question why this guy hasn’t done that. 

As for breaking up with him because the sex is bad, all I could say was that his sister should give it a few more tries.  One time isn’t enough to judge how good the sex is.  Maybe he had performance anxiety and couldn’t get fully hard, or they had been drinking, or she is the one who is a little too loose and now a normal sized penis disappears inside of her (Remember, she told her brother she LOVES sex, so this could be a possibility.) 

After a few more tries, if the sex is still bad, then I guess she should move on.  If she is going to base her relationships on sex, then she is going to end up with a pretty shallow and meaningless relationship.  I strongly urge her not to tell the guy why she is breaking up with him.  That is the last thing any guy wants to hear.  That could do some irreversible psychological damage to him.  He might end up in a monastery.

I hope to God that there are not a lot of women out there that put sex as the most important thing in a relationship.  This guy had it all, money, looks, a good career and she is throwing it away because the sex isn’t that good?  Lanthie, please tell me that this woman is an exception to the rule, some kind of lady nympho who has some weird and twisted views on relationships!

Hi Matt – yes this one is indeed something for me to reply to.

I had to laugh about your comment about how many sisters talk about their sex life to their brothers – yeah it does sound a little creepy but I have to admit that my brother and I are very close and we often have conversations about our sex lives. He is the one person I can truly open up to without feeling judged, so when I need to have a heart to heart – he is it!

I know on the surface it does sound a bit shallow – after all relationships should go far deeper than penis size or even sex.  But the reality is that sex forms a very important part of a relationship.  And if you can’t satisfy each other in the bedroom department, well then you had best stick to a platonic relationship.  I have seen lack of sex and libido break many marriages (and relationships) so it is a major part of a relationship.

I cringe every time I hear of a virgin getting married.  Just imagine having to spend the rest of your life with each other and not ever being satisfied in bed.  And I’m not just talking about a small penis – some men just generally suck in bed.  And some women just really suck in bed.  I read an article once about women who are referred to as Starfish – a term used to refer to women who are completely unenthusiastic during sex while passively allowing their partner to finish.  You could also refer to it as pity sex.  I just can’t see the point of this type of sex.

I have slept with guys who are just AMAZING in bed, but would make lousy life partners and I have slept with guys who are LOUSY in bed – and well, they didn’t get a second chance so would not be able to tell if they would have made great life partners.  Sex is very important to me too.  There is just something very off-putting about a guy who is lousy in bed.  I have also slept with guys who are GREAT in bed and would make GREAT life partners – this is when you take your relationship to the next level in my book.

I would hate to condemn a man with a small penis to a life of lousy sex or even no sex at all, so yes – he should hone up on his cunnilingus skills.  There are so many other ways to pleasure a woman in this day and age – you just have to look at what toys are out there.  In fact I would encourage ALL men to skill up in this department – regardless of penis size or skills.  You can have so much fun just playing.  The orgasm is just the “cream on top” (excuse the pun), so to speak.

I have read articles and listened to various talk show hosts where they insist that size doesn’t matter – well I think it does to a certain extent.  Generally most men are more than adequate and what they lack in size, they make up for in skill anyway.

Let’s just say, for argument sake, that this guy was having certain performance issues – he should have been able to identify this and should have been able to step in with his other skills.  The fact that he didn’t call upon his box of tricks, probably means he doesn’t have any or he is not very sure of himself. 

I am not sure what took them 5 months to actually sleep together either – perhaps he just did not have the courage in the first place.  If sex is really important to her, I guess after 5 months she was really frustrated in the first place and there was a certain expectation that was building and unfortunately he didn’t deliver.

Perhaps you are right in saying they should give it at least one more go, but I think she would go into it with a negative experience and it would be very tough for him to recover from it all.

I’m afraid she would be considered shallow in my book if she went out with him because he had it all – money, looks, good career etc. These things change over the years and you cannot base a relationship on then.

So I don’t think she is the exception to the rule or that she is a nympho.  She is just a woman who knows what she wants and I admire her for it.

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My Redbox Rant!!!

So yesterday I go back to return a movie that I had rented from the redbox which is on the way home from work. I go back to the same one, stopping by on my way home from work. The machine is not working. This being Chicago, there are a ton of Redboxes around so I drive to another one that is about a mile away and that one is down too. I decide to drive to a third and that one is down. I know of one more that is only another mile or so away so I go by that one. It is gone! I guess they removed it. Now, I am faced with a dilemma. I can either drive another 5 miles away and hope that that one is working or just go home and keep the DVD an extra day and pay for an extra day of rental. I decided to go home since I probably would waste more money on gas driving around than I would on the extra day of rental. I will get someone at work who has an operating redbox near them to drop it off tomorrow. It is so frustrating though!!! UGH!!!!
I am going to get a beer.  Thanks for letting me Rant!!! 

Jesus Had Interesting Abs

Taken from an actual church:

DAMN! Jesus Worked out! What abs he had. Not bad considering he lived before the days of a fitness regime, healthy dieting and pilates.

Not to mention that Jesus had the rare "Dick Abs."  There are not too many people around that have abs that look like a big penis.  As a matter of fact, I thought that was a new phenomenon.  I didn't even think they had that around during his time.
Or is the painter trying to say that Jesus really was the perfect man with a penis the envy of all men and the desire of all women.  HMMMMM....

....I am probably going to Hell for this!!!


My Next Project

I used to have a Moustache back in the day.  Now, I have the moustache/goatee thing going on and I keep it nice, neat and trimmed.  A friend sent me this GIF and I have decided to let my 'stache grow out and try to get it to do what this guy does with it.  I will be the hit at bars and parties!  Matt and his mischievous moustache!  This might take months of intense training and lots of beer consumption.  I will get on it right away and keep you posted.

Vintage Friday

With just a hint of innocence

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Free Advice Friday from Suzanne

Thanks to Suzanne for sending me this to include on the blog.  Enjoy!
1. Avoid cutting yourself when slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold the vegetables while you chop.
2. Avoid arguments with the females about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink.
3. For high blood pressure suffers ~ simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure on your veins. Remember to use a timer.
4. A mouse trap placed on top of your alarm clock will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button.
5. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives. Then you’ll be afraid to cough.
6. You only need two tools in life: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn’t move and does, use the duct tape.
7. If you can’t fix it with a hammer, then you’ve got an electrical problem.

Where Did This 4 Yr Old Go?

I Can Attest - This is True

In High School, I worked at a local grocery store in Austin. Our night manager was a funny college guy who loved to have fun. I would say once a month, when we were stocking new products on the floor, he would say something similar to this. We would then take a couple of aisles and rearrange everything! For the next few days, there were bewildered looks on the shoppers faces. Hilarious!

And even funnier was the look on the Day Shift Manager's face. The night guys did all the stocking and arranging, the day guys were more into the day to day operation of things. They didn't keep up too much with where things were at. They always just assumed products were where they were the night before. It took a few months before they caught on and put a stop to it. Rich, our night manager was promptly fired when they figured it out.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Which One? - Gracie Finlan, Beth Humphreys, Lucy Collett, Joey Fisher, and Jessica Davies

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics

Thong Thursdays #2 - Ela Pasion in Pink

That is Hottie Model Ela Pasion.  She is wearing a pink thong, thus the Thong Thursday post...DUH!!!

Follow her on Twitter:  @MissElaPasion

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Which One? - Beach Butts

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics.  

Another Picture of Hillary Clinton?

I do not hide the fact that I am not a big fan of Hillary Clinton, so when my friend Gene sent me an email entitled "Another Pic of Hillary Clinton - Trust me, you will want to post this one!" I immediately assumed it was another pic of Hillary with her big eyes bugging out or a pic of her trying to dance or something stupid like that.

Then I opened the picture and Gene was right!!!

Why Hello Miss Portman!  Is it cold there?  I know this is an old pic, but DAMN!  Now if I was any good at photoshop, I would erase Hillary and put me standing there with Natalie staring at her Nippies!

Thong Thursdays - These Two Lovebirds Look Great in Their Thongs

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Why The Hell Not - Watch an English Bulldog Drive

This English Bulldog is a terrible driver, but he’s still a better than Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes. Plus, you have to give him some style points.  

Semi-Mad Rant

Please welcome a new blogger to the blog.  dalecooper57 writes his own blog entitled "Diary of a Internet Nobody."  He hails from Devon, England (we continue to go international.  We now have writers from The U.S, South Africa and England.)  In his own words, he specializes in "eclecticism, humour, nonsense, ranting, and occasionally educational stuff."  We are hoping Dale becomes a regular contributor to our blog!  

It never ceases to amaze me, the sort of insane laws and regulations that are being enforced nowadays, in order to conform to some warped sense of ego, morality or political correctness.

 A recent court ruling in the United States could soon make it impossible for creators of video games and movies to base any of their characters on real-life people. This would mean banning the portrayal of actual players in sport related video games for instance, because featuring images, statistics or recognisable characteristics of stars in games currently endorsed by players and teams from, let's say, the NFL, NBA, or FIFA wouldn't be allowed unless specifically licensed by the celebrity in question.  And movies, from the much lauded, multi award winning Lincoln, to the less (of both) Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter would have been out of the question in a universe where this incomprehensible law was already in effect.

 Which, frankly, is fine.

 But it would also mean no Schindler's List, no Amistad, and no Stephen Spielberg. Oh, wait, he's real.

This sort of rampant egomania is allowed by the same type of ruling that once gave jumped up actors and z-list "celebrities" the legal authority to have pavement artists erase their likenesses in fear that someone else might have the audacity to make money from reproducing their sacred image.

 And yet it is still necessary that a brilliant and well established artist like Roger Dean take filmmaker James Cameron to court to try and establish the fact that Cameron pinched his idea for the floating cities in elongated smurf populated, sickly-moral-lecture-a-thon, AVATAR, despite the somewhat obvious parallels which I'm sure you can draw for yourselves.


And it's not just the trivial world of superficial stardom and celebrity that gets infected by the stupidity of the legal system.

A prime example of something that makes me sit reading with my jaw hanging open in utter incredulity is the news that rape victims in the US may be forced by the courts to give the rapist access to the children who are the result of their crime.

What next? Burglars allowed visitation rights to see stolen goods that they failed to get away with? Convicted car thieves that are permitted to pop round to take the family saloon out for a spin on Sunday morning because they only made it to the end of the street before they got caught last time? Next we'll be letting bankers set their own salaries and paying them bonuses out of our savings.

No, ok, that's a bit unrealistic, but you get my point.

But hey, it's only the upper echelon of the system that fails the people that it was sworn to protect isn't it?
The ones on the front line of law and order are a lot more responsible surely?

Well, how about this for community policing.

Last year in Florida, police arrested a man after he crashed his car because he refused to follow their instructions when they arrived at the scene.

Maybe the fact that he was staggering around uncoordinatedly, dragging one leg behind him and mumbling incoherently should have given them a clue that all was not right with the unfortunate motorist. But no, they just dumped him straight in a cell, where he promptly collapsed unconscious on the floor.

When they finally got round to calling a medic they, unsurprisingly, discovered that the presumed drunkard had in fact been having a massive stroke. Too little, too late, the man later died in hospital.

Now, I'm not saying that this is the norm, but just a modicum of common sense on the part of the officers concerned could have saved a man's life.

In much the same way as the death of a child in the UK could have been avoided in the tragic case of a young boy who jumped into a public pond to save his sister, only to get into difficulties himself.
Part-time Community Support Officers were fortunately on the scene in a few minutes.

What wasn't so fortunate was the fact that, as they hadn't had any formal water rescue training, they refused to enter the (six foot deep) pond, preferring instead to radio for trained officers.

The ten year old boy, having valiantly tried to save his baby sister - despite his complete lack of formal training - already submerged before back-up arrived, consequently drowned.

The only positive outcome being that a couple of anglers who witnessed unfolding events had the presence of mind (although I assume they too were untrained) to dive in and managed to rescue the little girl, who survived.

Well I don't know about you, but I doubt I would have had time to ponder the legality of public liability insurance, or whatever petty formalities the volunteer officers were considering whilst a young life slipped beneath the surface, before diving in to haul the floundering child to safety.

And yes, I know it's easy to sit here and make snap judgements on these sorts of life or death decisions with all the benefits of 20/20 hindsight, but to use the letter of the law and Health and Safety regulations to justify allowing the death of a child is unforgivable.

Still, It's good to know some people get their own back in some small way when confronted with bureaucracy and injustice.

Like the sad case of a father whose son was killed in a car crash that injured several other young people.
Having lost his son in the accident, the grieving father was alloted the largest share of the subsequent insurance payout, with smaller shares being awarded to parents of the injured kids.

So far, so good. However, the other parents decided the payouts should be equally divided, and the insurance company acquiesced to their demands, meaning the deadboy's father had to repay some of his settlement.

To his credit he did so, but with a twist. He paid back over half a million dollars in quarters, weighing nearly four tons, which he duly delivered to the insurance company offices.

Having no safe or vault in which to secure this huge pile of coins, and having gained rather a lot of publicity from the stunt, they had to have extra security brought in while they had the cash converted into a more manageable size. I wouldn't like to have been the one stood in line behind them at the bank counter the next day...

By: dalecooper57

Our Readers - David Vail

Yes, it is true that we usually feature Beautiful Babes as "Our Readers" but we do, from time-to-time, feature our male readers.  This is one of those times.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet David Vail.  David lives in Indianapolis.   He has been reading the blog since it began (Thanks Dave!) and has been a contributor to the blog. I probably get three or four emails a week from Dave with links to funny stories or he will send me some hilarious pics and tell me to write something up about it.  He has fine taste in the women - I know cuz he sends us plenty of pics of girls that he thinks are worthy of being our "Hottie of the Day" (and we have probably used about 10-12 of his suggestions.)

Thanks Dave and keep sending those emails!!!

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

The 1990's Compared to Today

This is so True!

Teen pregnancy in the 90sTeen pregnancy todayFriends todayMy life is over..Lindsay Lohan todayFriends in the 90sPicking up a friend in the 90sTaking a dump in the 90sMusic in the 90sWatching TV in the 90sYao Ming in the 90sLindsay Lohan in the 90sAwesome mobile device in the 90sOMG! Mom, call

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Favorite Bikinis - Trust Us, This one is worth it...

Very nice bikini on those two, I mean that pair - that girl!  She wears it well!!!

Bad Tattoos - McDonald's Lover?

WTF?  This is just too weird.  I doubt I could have sex with her taking her from the rear if she had that tattoo.  I would be laughing my ass off...and probably craving McDonald's Fries at the same time!

Why the hell would a girl get that tattoo?  I am hoping she lost a bet or something cuz if she got it willingly, she needs help!

More Bad Tattoos Here

A Perfect Jean Thong!

I really think that the "Jean Thong" needs to become a core element in a ladies summer wardrobe.  Just sayin...

Our Favorite Dresses - Maria Allure in Blue

Hottie of the Day - Blonde Starbucks Lover

Can I get a Latte to go?  

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Be Careful What You Say...


A man walks into a sex shop to purchase some see-through lingerie for his wife. He is shown several possibilities that range from $30 to $75 in price, the more see-through, the higher the price. He opts for the skimpest, most see-through item, pays the $75 and takes the lingerie home. He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs put it on and model it for him.

Upstairs the wife thinks 'I have an idea. It's so see-through that it might as well be nothing. I won't put it on - do the modelling naked, return it tomorrow and get a $75 refund and keep the money for myself'.
So she appears naked at the top of the stairs and strikes a pose.

"HELL!" exclaims her hubby. "It wasn't that wrinkled in the shop!"

The Husband's funeral is on Thursday.

They Might Want to Rethink The Product Name!

Can Your Friend Come Play As Well?

I was thinking about the various fantasies that women have the other day and which ones are common to both men and women.  I don't know about all you ladies out there but have you seen the look on a man's face when you mention the term "Threesome".  It almost looks like their brains go into overdrive mode.

I must admit I don't really have much experience in this field but it is definitely one of my top 5 fantasies.  Turning your fantasy into reality could be a little complicated though.  I am not quite sure how one bring's up the possibility of a threesome with your significant other - do you just casually say "Can Your Friend Come Play As Well?"

Now I know most guys would probably be interested in the female / female / male (FFM) version of a threesome.  The guys I have spoken to about threesome's have all pulled their faces up at the thought of the male / male / female (MMF) version.  Apparently the thought of 2 naked guys touching creeps them out - especially when their "junk" is involved.

For me personally - I am not fussy.  I am more than happy to fantasize about either.
Imagine being seduced by 2 guys at once.  Men are naturally competitive - and just think about them both bringing their A game and competing to see who can give you the most pleasure.  I must admit I could easy succumb to the thought of a MMF threesome with a number of guys I know.

Although I have often imagined a FFM threesome, I have no girl on girl experience.  But that is not to say the thought has not crossed my mind (okay - maybe I have said too much here).

 Anyway......  Just picturing this scenario - do I choose a close girlfriend and then the two of us pick a guy to partake?  Or do me and my guy pick a girl we both like?  And how do we go about picking said girl?  I would not be able to pick anyone I know - certainly don't want any of my friends coming anywhere near my guy.  I would not approve of any of the girls he knows either - would make me extremely jealous of what would / could possibly result down the line with them or what has transpired between them in the past. So that leaves a stranger.  Where do you find a girl willing to partake who doesn't know either of you?  Do you ask around and go on word of mouth from other's or do you start looking in the back page of the newspaper in the XXX column?  (And let's not forget she has to be less attractive than I am.)

I managed to find some threesome tips and etiquette: Threesome Etiquette
  • Make each other feel comfortable (Set the mood and be accommodating)
  • Let the women initiate the first step
  • Make sure transitions between each other flow
  • Don't favor one over the other
  • Take turns
  • Don't constantly try to please both at the same time (There is another person to help)
  • Masturbate if you feel like it
  • Don't force women (or guys) to do anything with each other
  • Be into everything they suggest
  • Respect each other's boundaries
  • End it smoothly (Don't act weird)
  • and most importantly - USE PROTECTION!

How about sharing some of your tips and experiences here if you have any!

 Lanthie Ransom

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Another Snowden Leak is Found

I Just Couldn't Resist!  Please Forgive me...

My friend found it and sent a pic of it.

Our Favorite Songs - Super Freak

One of the first songs that I felt uncomfortable when it came on the radio and my parents were around.  Rick James' Video for Super Freak.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Khloe Terae's Tuesday Tease

Former Hottie of the Day Khloe Terae took notice that we made her one of our Hotties.  Today, she sent me a Facebook message thanking us and also a link to her weekly Tuesday Tease Picture. She Posts a pic weekly on her Facebook Fan Page.  I had to share the pic with you.  Thanks Khloe!!!

Follow Khloe on Twitter:  @PlaymateKhloe

Which one - Cap and Handboob Edition

Hottie of the Day - Heather Vandeven

Sexy Heather Vandeven is a California model and actress. She was chosen as a Penthouse Pet of the Month back in 2006, and later became the magazine's 2007 Pet of the Year.  This Blonde Hottie does a lot of small movie roles, currently appearing in the Cinemax After Dark show Life on Top.  Check it out if you have Cinemax.  It is defintely worth it.

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