Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Favorite Bikinis - This one is Tiny!

Sure Doesn't Leave Much to the Imagination!!!

Our Favorite Lingerie - Skimpy Red Outfit

VERY NICE!!!  Love the pic from above too.

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Babes Drinking Beer

Our Readers - Lindsey and Alicia

Two more beautiful readers have sent in their picture for this series of posts.  These two beauties are Lindsey and Alicia.  They are from right here in Des Moines, Iowa.  I really hope I see them out and about some night.  Ladies, The drinks will be on me!!!

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

Hottie of the Day - Nicole Neal

Nicole Neal is yet another babe from England. We have had a lot of British Babes on here. She hails from London and is quite a beauty. Enjoy our Hottie of the Day!

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Polish Nympho Ania Lisewska Wants to Have Sex With 100,000 Men

21-year old Ania Lisewska (No, We will not put the "Hottie" label on this one) from Poland is on a mission. Ania has a “serious” boyfriend but that isn't enough for her. She has set a goal to sleep her way through Poland and then Europe. She wants to have sex with 100,000 men!

She isn't even stopping with Europe, saying that she already has had sex with 284 guys in Poland, and she is about to set off on a "sexual tour" of Europe and then might even expand to other contintents. Ania plans on spending at least 20 minutes with each partner, which will take her almost four years to complete if she does nothing else in between the 100,000 of them. She’s set up a website to facilitate her quest and hopes to get into the Guinness Book of Records, which has never judged a sexual-related record before.

It comes as no surprise that her "Serious" boyfriend is not too happy about her announcement.

The "What the F@#K?" Parrot

Learn How to Twerk Like Miley Cyrus

A Rather odd video, but it has over 3 Million views.  Watch it to learn how to twerk like Miley Cyrus.

Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg of the UFC Give Commentary to Miley's VMA Debacle!

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs with Commnentary by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg of the UFC - Hilarious!!!

That is a Hard Plate for the Cops to Run!

Friday, September 6, 2013

These are a Couple of Nice GIFS


The Christina Aguilera Dirty Hip Roll

After all these years, still one of the greatest moves in Music History!  Forget the MoonWalk and all that Miley Cyrus Bullshit, give me this move anyday (And give me Christina back when she looked like this!)

It is also approrpriate given Christina's return to Sexiness with her cover appearance in Maxim Magazine!  

Victoria Silvstedt Still Looking Hot!

Although 1997 Playmate of the year Victoria Silvstedt has reached her peak back in the late 90's, she is still looking fine to me! 13 years after being PMOY she is still hotter than ever in my opinion.  She recently posted this pic of her out on a friend's boat on her Twitter page.

Here are some pics of this hottie from back in the 90's (NSFW Pics here):

Kaley Cuoco's Ass

No Comment Needed - Just enjoy Kaley Cuoco's Beautiful Butt!

Hottie of the Day - Busty Latina Model Julia Abenes

Julia Abenes is a model, she's Busty and she's Latina.  'Nuff Said!

I almost forgot, we have a few NSFW pics of this lovely Latina here.

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