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Our Favorite Bikinis - This One Leaves Nothing to the Imagination (NSFW)

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Our Favorite Lingerie - Beautiful in Blue

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Hardbody Cristina Liberatore is Our Hottie of the Day

Cristina Liberatore (Also known by her maiden name of Vujnich) is a Hardbody Model and a competitor on the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) circuit.  If you are into Fit Women, she definitely has to be on your list!

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Who is More Talented: Prince or Michael Jackson?

Ever since Michael Jackson died, he seems to be popping up in more places than when he was alive.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't hear one of his songs, or overhear a conversation between people talking about Michael, or see something about him or his kids on the news.  I admit, he was a great performer, but I have to say that I believe Prince is a much better artist. Here's why:
  • Prince can play the guitar, the bass and the piano. In fact, he is one of the greatest guitarists and bassists of all time. He played all of the instruments on his first couple of albums, as well as produced them and wrote all the lyrics himself. At 19. I don't think I have ever seen MJ play an instrument ever.
  • Prince ALWAYS writes his own songs. He is one of very few artists who write, compose and produce themselves.
  • Prince's falsetto voice is just as impressive as MJ's, and he never had to get a nose job to maintain it.
  • Prince doesn't try to buy up the rights to other people's music, something MJ is notorious for.
  • Admit it, MJ was creepy, even in his Thriller days. Despite a multitude of personality quirks, Prince has never come across creepy. Maybe a little too horny, but creepy, No.
  • Purple Rain is better than Captain EO (Remember MJ's character for Disney theme parks?).
  • MJ is the self-proclaimed King of Pop. He is a shameless self-promoter and oppurtunist.
  • Prince speaks like a man, where MJ speaks in a baby voice of his own invention.
  • Prince, throughout his career, has always sought to discover new sounds and styles. MJ has been stuck in his R&B/Pop niche.
  • Dancing schmancing. Live show vs live show, Prince wins with me for sheer showmanship and ability to show his well-roundedness as a musician (hello Little Red Corvette acoustic!). Yeah MJ can dance, but so can a lot of dancers. And like most pop singers, he can't dance the way he does and sing at the same time. Not that I'm saying he isn't the most influential artist, performance-wise, because he is. I'll give him that. I have seen both in concert and I have to say that Prince was far more impressive.
  • Prince, despite being 5'2", still managed to hook up with some very impressive women (Kim Basinger, Apollonia, Vanity.) And he started Carmen Electra's career. MJ had Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie (not even a real marriage).

Clark is an Asshole

A friend sent me this.  It made me chuckle and since everyone could use a good chuckle, I share it with you...

Texas Longhorns Span the Globe

I had to fly up to Alaska for business this week and was proud to see there are Longhorns even this far up north!  Hook 'Em Horns!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stop That Woman!

Leanne Crow could change the rotation of the Earth if she keeps shaking those things!!!

Sara Jean Underwood is a Sexy Schoolgirl

Sara Jean Underwood has been on this blog numerous times.  She is one of our favorites and she just keeps getting hotter and hotter, especially when she dresses up like a sexy school girl!  How could a teacher teach with such a hottie in his class?

Our Favorite Lingerie (and Heels)

Love the Body, th the lingerie, the Butt and the Heels!!!

Bonus - She is already in position!!!!

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Hottie of the Day - Ava Addams

Should I Let The Lord Decide?

This is the kind of humor that makes my day.  It can turn a shitty day into a tolerable day and will bring a smile to my face.  More people need to do this; random acts of humor out in American Society.  Maybe this would become a better, happier place...

Free Advice Fridays - Having Sex in Public

I cannot take credit for this edition of "Free Advice Fridays"  This was sent to me by a reader in California.  Her name is Tanya and she claims to be a relationship counselor.  She asked if I would post this on the blog and I decided it was Free Advice Friday Worthy.

Sex in public is one of the top fantasies of women everywhere and if done right, can really add some spark to a relationship. But you can’t just drop your pants and start going at it anywhere. There are some places that are much better suited for public banging than others. How do you know when you’ve found the perfect spot? How can you be ready when the time comes? Here are some tips to getting your rocks off outside the bedroom.

Find a spot that’s at least somewhat secluded. You want to avoid areas where a lot of people will be passing through. If you’re going at it in a bathroom stall, you run the risk of other patrons hearing you. A couple was caught having sex in the bathroom of Yankees stadium and several fans surreptitiously took photos and video and leaked them online. So if you’re going to make the bathroom your quick little  private sex spot, be smart and at least lock the door.
Make sure there are no cameras around. This goes back to the tip above, but if you are getting it on in front of a any kind of camera, you’re in danger of a someone posting the video online. Or worse, being used as evidence in a court case.
Be quick. The faster you are, the less likely you are to be caught. Now’s not the time to practice your tantric techniques. You want to get in, get her going and fast as possible, and get out.
Be discreet. Most offenders are caught because they either wanted to be caught or they just didn’t care. While exhibitionism can be hot as hell, not everyone shares your same appreciation for the display of your sexual prowess. If you make even the slightest effort to conceal what you are doing, you are much more likely to have witnesses ignore you or at least be understanding. If you are blatantly acting out your porn star fantasies where old people and children can see, you run a far greater risk of offending onlookers.
Don’t do it near a school or a playground. Sex in public runs you the legal risks of indecent exposure and public lewdness. If you are charged with these crimes near a school or a place where children congregate, you could be prosecuted as a sex offender and have to go around telling all of your neighbors that you are guilty of sex crimes.
Don’t do it in a dangerous place. In 2008, a couple was found having sex on some train tracks. When the train approached, they were too wrapped up in passion to stop and were killed. You should also watch out for dangerous people. A couple in Baltimore was attacked by a masturbating man with a butterfly knife. Nothing like a crazy knife-wielding maniac to spoil the mood!

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Vintage Friday

I just love her boobs!

Lanthie Ransom

Students' concepts of a few basic words

A teacher friend sent me this email.  Thought I would share it since I think alot of teachers can relate.  The teacher is an elementary teacher, hence the "balls bucket", but I think many High School teachers can sympathize.   

There are many things my students do not have a great concept of. A few examples might be:

  • The Trash Can

    • Concept – A can-like receptacle INTO which we place our trash .

    • Students' Concept – A can-like receptacle NEAR which we place our trash. In our room, it's like a monument to trash, surrounded by trash, but void of trash on the inside. Close is good enough for these kids. They'd make stellar horseshoe players.
    Asking Questions
  • Concept – When the teacher says, "Raise your hand if you have a question" students should raise their hands if they have question.
  • Students' Concept – When the teacher says, "Raise your hand if you have a question" students should raise their hands and share inane stories that are completely unrelated to the lesson being taught and generally start with the words, "One time…"

  • "Balls Bucket"
    • Concept – The blue equipment container in my room used to store basketballs, soccer balls, and playground balls for use during PE and recess, once referred to as the "balls bucket" by a new student. When another kid asked him to repeat what he'd said just for the giggle factor, he said, "You know, the blue balls bucket." Now that one got a good giggle out of the teachers in the lounge at recess.

    • Students' Concept – Use your imagination on this one. If I have to spell it out for you, maybe you shouldn't work with children.

    • Concept – A male donkey. Also referred to as a mountain canary during the gold rush. "Jackass" is found repeatedly in the story By the Great Horn Spoon which we recently read.
    • Students' Concept – NOT a male donkey, but merely a "jackass." No matter how many times I tell them it is not a bad word, it's still just "jackass" to them. Actually, it's pronounced "Jackass…(gasp)."

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thong Thursdays - In Yer Face!

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Our Favorite Bikinis - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini...Isn't that a song?

Hottie of the Day - Jessica Rafalowski

Jessica Rafalowski is a former Beauty Queen.  From Wikipedia:
Rafalowski won the Miss Florida USA 2008 title in a state pageant held in Hollywood, Florida on July 14, 2007.  This was Rafalowski's first attempt at the title, and her second pageant competition after she won the Miss Volusia County USA local title in November 2006. She is the first Miss Florida USA in three years to win without any previous state pageant experience. Represented Florida in the Miss USA 2008 pageant held on April 11, 2008 and placed in the top 10.

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The World's Toughest Cowboy

This one has been around for awhile:

Three cowboys are sitting around a campfire, out on the lonesome prairie, each with the bravado for which cowboys are famous.
A night of tall tales commences.
The first says, "I must be the meanest, toughest cowboy there is. Why, just the other day, a bull got loose in the corral and gored six men before I wrestled it to the ground, by the horns, with my bare hands."
The second chimes in, "Why that's nothing. I was walking down the trail yesterday and a fifteen foot rattler slid out from under a rock and made a move for me. I grabbed that snake with my bare hands, bit its head off, and sucked the poison down in one gulp. And I'm still here today."
The third cowboy remained silent, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.

Only in Texas

I used to live near Wemberley and I can definitely tell you that the people there love their guns!!!

A Sophisticated Party Game

Went to a party last night.  It was at the house of my friend's brother.  He and his wife are kind of a snotty upper class couple.  I was warned not to get to drunk or disruptive; I guess I have a reputation!

Anyway, I had to go pee after drinking a couple glasses of wine (They are too good for beer!).  I saw this in the bathroom (Picture was not mine, taken by another guy at the party). They had this in the bathroom for people to work on while doing their business.  Never seen anything like it!  They are a weird couple

Want to See What an Eagle Sees When Flying?

Then strap a GoPro camera to its back.  If this is legit, it's pretty bad ass!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work It Girl!

She is definitely having to work to get her ass in them Jeans!!!

The Good Thing About Fall and Winter - SWEATERS!!!

Reasons To Drink In Order To Make Sex More Interesting

Alcohol definitely makes sex more interesting.  Let's face it, with alcohol sex becomes more uninhibited.  How you ask? With Alcohol, Sex usually becomes:

1. Louder: alcohol makes screaming and moaning louder, who cares if the neighbors hear, you will not remember it in the morning. Your Neighbors might remember it, but who cares...

2. Wetter: Orgasms are let loose, not held back, your body relaxes and the juices start flowing.

3. Rougher: some bruises and marks cannot be explained in the morning.  I rarely have any marks on my body when I have normal, sober sex.  The roughest sex I have is when we have been drinking.  Bite marks everywhere, fingernail scratches, and the occasional bruise.  Good times!

4. Hotter: the ten to fifteen pounds you want to lose don't really matter, the stretch marks and scars don't matter one bit, the saggy love handles and wrinkles - who cares, you are both are totally hot and getting some.(at least in both of your minds)

5. Accepted: no matter what happens and with whom it happens, you get to blame it on the drink!

6.  Adventurous:  Want to try the position on page 57 of the Kama Sutra, give it a shot.  Anal Sex - OK, we're drunk.  In the back alley behind the bar?  The Alcohol says it is ok.  Want to make a sex tape, Go For it.  When drunk, you both are much more likely to try things that you never ever would do if sober.

Keep Drinking and having sex people.  It will be more fun and we will have more Pics and videos on the internet!!!

Hottie of the Day - Latina Model Eve Canela

Today, we feature Latina Hottie Eve Canela. Look at that Booty! Stare into those beautiful Eyes! Be Mesmerized by those plentiful Boobs!

Eve is a Brazilian-American Model who has earned the nickname "The Brazilian Booty Queen"  It is obvious why!

Brazil Produces some of the most beautiful women in the world. Check out our collection of Brazilian Hotties!

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WTF - A Prostate Simulator in Med School?

I guess they have to learn somehow!   The video screen that they look at is hilarious!!!

Why Would You Advertise A Mall With a Pic of a Girl Taking a Dump?

Poor Advertising if you ask me!!!

And she looks pretty happy to be taking a dump.  Maybe she was constipated...

Happy Birthday -- Catherine Zeta-Jones

The beautiful Welsh actress, and Michael Douglas' wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on this day in 1969.  Happy 44th Birthday!!!

The Safety Dance - Hollywood Style

Men Without Hats performing The Safety Dance over a Hollywood Movie Dance Mash-up.

North Dakota Has People?

A Friend of mine from North Dakota sent me this in an email. (Thanks Sara)

I still have my doubts that Sara is from North Dakota.  She is the only person I have ever met from North Dakota and she was living in Texas, still does.  I think this whole North Dakota thing is just something to make her feel different.  She is a rebel!!!   Besides, North Dakota really doesn't have people does it?  I thought it  was all grass, buffalo and Jackalopes.

Here is the email:  Enjoy!

People aren't very nice sometimes when they talk about my home state. (Not cool, people - not cool at all.) There are a lot of rumors floating about that North Dakota isn't "hip" or "sexy". Nothing could be further from the truth! In an effort to dispel these horrible untruths, I'm here to tell you some of my favorite things about North Dakota. And if they're my favorite, then they're obviously globally accepted to be the best. I know a lot about being the best after all. So....(drum roll).....the Best Things About North Dakota are:

1.It's super flat. Some people think of this lovely characteristic as a negative thing. They say driving across the great state of North Dakota is "boring" because of how flat it is. But what these people are forgetting is that there are benefits to being flat (I should know - ha!). For starters, anytime you want to say something is flat, you can say "that ho is as flat as North Dakota!" It's great for comparison purposes, and we all like to make judgmental comparisons, right? Also, you can see for miles and miles. That means that your view of the beautiful plains will never be blocked by things like mountains or crappy stuff like that.

2.Almost nobody lives there. In the whole state you'll only find about 600,000 people. That's only 9.3 people per square mile. By comparison I think the state of New York has about 200,000 people per square mile. You do the math! Anyway, you want to own property? Go to North Dakota and you can get it realllll cheap. Do you hate people as much as I do? Move to North Dakota--that'll solve 92% of your problems right there.

3.Josh Duhamel. Seriously, how can you dislike a state that produces men who look like this?*

4.North Dakota lets pretty much anyone carry a firearm. Children, old people, murderers, anyone! Do I even need to expand on this one? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm here to inform you, not to insult your intelligence.

5.You can drive when you're 9 years old. Not legally, mind you, but it totally happens all the time. All you need is a little booster seat and a quick lesson and before you know it you'll be cruising over to your best friend's house to play Barbies (or whatever it is that little boys play) all afternoon. Kids love that shit. Don't you want your kids to be happy? What kind of monster are you?

6.It's a great place to manufacture meth. I think we all know from past experience that making meth is a messy, stinky business. You can't be doing that shit in the city. No, you've got to find some wide, open spaces where no one will ever notice. And who ever notices North Dakota?? Nobody! (Seriously, one time I went to New York City and someone asked me if North Dakota was part of the United States. Awesome.)

7.We can talk about the weather like no other people on earth. You think your grandpa knows how to talk about weather? I'd like him to meet my grandpa, because your grandpa ain't got nothing on my grandpa when it comes to talking about the weather for what seems like hours (sometimes days) on end.

8.Wind. We have a lot of it. There could be a correlation between this and numbers 1 and 2, it's hard to say. I suppose with all that flatness and no buildings to interfere it's bound to get a little windy. But the wind is great in winter because it makes the snow pile up on the highway! It's so pretty!

9.The people have a great work ethic. People often say to me "Sara, you are such a hard worker!" "I know," I say, "now stop bothering me with your work-related problems---can't you see I'm blogging?" No, seriously, we actually do have a good worth ethic. I think it stems from being forced to start working in the fields as soon as we can walk. That's right, folks! Child labor is still totally legal in North Dakota. (As long as you don't get caught.)

10.I'm from there. Yep, I saved the best for last. If North Dakota didn't exist, then it only makes sense that I wouldn't exist, and I don't think any of us (especially me) wants to imagine a world like that.

Well, I think by now we can all agree that North Dakota is pretty awesome after all. If I haven't convinced you with this list then you must be some kind of communist, and we don't like communists where I come from. And you don't want to know what happens to people we don't like. (Hint: see #4)
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