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Bodacious Booty!!!!

All of the Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

I Gotta Move to A Warmer Climate!

I never see women doing a fitness routine outdoors wearing something like this in Iowa!!!!!!

Which One? - Brazilian Butts

Picture from a recent Brazilian Beauty Contest - DAMN - I need to go back to Brazil soon.

All of the Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics.  

Anri Sugihara is Our Hottie of the Day

Anri Sugihara is a beautiful Japanese Actress.  Despite her angelic babyface, Anri is actually 31 years old!

Anri Sugihara by AznMan886

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Peensylvania Traffic Deflectors

Gary L from Pennsylvania sent me this pic. He lives close to where the pic was taken. These are traffic deflectors in Scott Township, Pennsylvania. I know they are just traffic deflectors, but how many of you first thought they were giant cement penises? I know I did and so did Gary.

Apparently some residents of Scott Township think they look like them too. They have complained that they are inappropriate and distracting. The Post-Gazette said that one resident told the township commissioner that the row of traffic dicks has turned the neighborhood into one giant dick joke. She said, “People are laughing at it. They’re calling it Penis Road.” Because of all the complaints, Commissioner Bill Wells is going to look into the cost of replacing the rows and rows of penises.  Let's just hope he doesn't replace them with these cement boob jobs, or else they will be right back to where this mess started!

What Every Iowan Needs...

...A Bacon Wallet!

Why Are These Sports on TV?

The other day, I was flipping channels and could find nothing on TV that I wanted to watch.  Not even my old standby, ESPN and its family of channels had anything of substance.  What a downer.  I started thinking about some sports on TV and how we could "spice" them up to make them more TV friendly.

5.  Cricket --  Boring. I have seen a game of cricket and it was the worst 3 hours of my life.  A slow moving, hard to understand game that looks like it is played by snobby guys in all-white.   Luckily, it isn't common here in the states, but overseas in places like India, Sri Lanka and even the UK, it is constantly on and I have no idea why.
          Improvements - What make the game popular in the US?  Why not make it "Full-Contact" Cricket.  Have them throw at the players, tackle, etc.  Get some red on those all-whites. 

4.  Bowling - I love to go bowling, but cannot understand why some people will give up a couple hours of their lives to watch it on TV.  I bet in an hour bowling show, you only see about 5 minutes of action - the approach and then the ball rolling down the lane hitting the pins is 5 or 6 seconds at best.  And it isn't like it is action filled.  I mean, how many 6-10 splits can you watch!!!
          Improvements - Randomly placed pins with small explosives inside.  Strike it perfectly and the pin explodes making it easier to get a strike and providing some cool TV. 

3. Tennis - I think there was a day when I was a small boy that tennis was kind of exciting on TV, but new sports and better, faster, stronger athletes in them have made tennis a little too "old-school".
          Improvements - Midgets. If each player had to carry a midget with a racquet on their shoulders, viewing figures would go through the roof. Jeer as the ruthless Russian player throws his midget across the court to make sure he defeats the Frenchman ranked 3,408th in the world, cheer asAndy Roddick and his midget perform a double fist pump to the crowd.  As well as the addition of midgets, set the net on fire and give each player a grenade painted green that he can use once a match.

2. Billiards - For those less cultured, billiards is "pool".  I like to play it when I am out at Corner Pocket or someplace like that, but watch it on TV?  No way!!! (Although I must say that the pool people have the right idea going with some of the younger, sexier lady players).
          Improvements - A time limit of 10 seconds on each shot. After that, the player gets a little shock that will make him involuntarily move his cue and hit the ball somewhere not where he wanted to (Weird sentence).  The current increases each time the player takes too long, and on the third occasion the opposing player may remove his sock, fill it with the balls he has already potted, and strike his opponent with the makeshift prison weapon. Furthermore, rather than forcing the crowd to be silent, give them free beer and air horns and encourage them to put the players off as much as possible.  Rather than making them sit down, these crowd members will be allowed to stand around the table, 'accidently' nudging the cue of their least favourite player as he goes to make a shot. Did I mention the snooker table was going to be inside a cage? I did now.

1. Golf - Another game I love to play, but I don't really like watching it on TV. 
         Improvements - With Tiger coming back to the Master's, have a lady from his former entourage on each hole (he has more than 18) and they get to heckle him on every shot he takes on the hole that she is assigned.  Now I would definitely watch that!!!!  For events that Tiger is not in, see my pool idea about letting the audience talk and scream all the time.  And lastly -- Exploding golf balls!!!  In each player's bag, there is one or two exploding golf balls.  You never know when you will get them.  Adds a little excitement and intrigue.

Real Madrid Player PEPE Is a Tough Dude!!!

Real Madrid defender Pepe had his eye cut stapled shut.....right on the field.  NOW THAT IS TOUGH!!!

This is thecollision that caused the cut:

And a Picture of Pepe, Pre-Staples:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lacey Chabert is This Month's Maxim CoverGirl

You Definitely need to grab a copy of  this month's Maxim!  It features Party of Five and Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert on the cover in some very nice Lingerie. Can You Believe she is 31 years old?  Looking great Lacey!

We have her Maxim Lingerie Shoot Video below.  Definitely worth a view (or two, or three...)

Our Favorite Dresses - Cleavage Anyone?

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Our Favorite Lingerie - White = Purity?

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WTF is this Outfit?

The girl is hot and it is a sexy outfit in some weird sort of way.  My guess is it is some sort of BDSM thing.  Anyone know what this is called?  Or the model's name?

Hottie of the Day - Alejandra Alonso

Alejandra Alonso is a Supermodel based in NYC.  She has been in all of the major Fashion Shows around the world.  She was born and Raised in Valencia, Spain.  You probably have seen her in some Victoria's Secret catalogues and commercials.  Enjoy our beautiful Spanish Hottie!  

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The Worst Name a Republican Candidate Can Have

Texas A&M Bathrooms

Proof that the Aggies are WAY behind the times!

UNI QB Sawyer Kollmorgen interviews people about UNI QB Sawyer Kollmorgen

UNI (Northern Iowa University) is a FCS powerhouse who is looking pretty good this year.  They are up in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Their Quarterback, Sawyer Kollmorgen decided to interview people around Cedar Falls.  The topic: Himself.

Vintage Friday

Don't you think this bodice is sexy

Lanthie Ransom

Sorted for pig wormer and plant food...

Greetings, Dale here, from Diary of an Internet Nobody.

I've been casting my eye over some of the recent changes in the world of consumer safety as it pertains to recreational drug taking.

Ah, the good old days...

Back in the "Second Summer of Love" of 1988, a hypnotic, trancelike new sound, inspired by the motorik rhythms of '70s Krautrock pioneers like Kraftwerk, had begun to take hold of youth culture in the UK.

DJs had started playing records coming out of both the Detroit Techno and Chicago Acid House clubs in America and it wasn't long before British clubs were holding House Music nights, combining the old school heavy pounding beats of the original acid and techno tracks with the smoother, more melodic dance music that was becoming popular in Europe.

Add to that the resurgence of interest in "new age" psychedelia and recreational drugs at the trippier end of the spectrum and the Rave Revolution had arrived.

By the time the initial "scene" reached it's sell-by date in the mid-nineties, even indie geek stalwarts Pulp were casting a laconic eye over proceedings, with this spot-on analysis of the stagnating subculture.

But just as the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 didn't eradicate the House Music movement by banning privately organised outdoor raves, the rise in use of newly popular drugs such as ecstasy, and old favourites like speed and acid, wouldn't be stopped by the introduction of draconian new anti-drug laws.

Twenty years ago you could be reasonably sure that if you bought an ecstasy pill at a rave, then it probably had a substantial percentage of E and less in the way of X, Y and Z.
That is to say, the majority of the active ingredient was likely to be (deep breath) 3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine or, mercifully, MDMA for short, and if you were unlucky you might get a side order of baby laxative or baking powder.

But nowadays, due partly to the demonisation of all drugs by some elements in government and the police, partly to lack of education and partly to the greed of  unscrupulous criminal gangs, the purity and safety of many recreational drugs is being compromised.

So much so that in Vienna, Austria, the Trans European Drug Information Project has set up CheckIt, a free drug analysis service for drug users who want to be sure they're taking what they think they bought, so to speak.

Indeed, their findings have been somewhat startling:
From over 700 samples of cocaine tested, nearly 85% was shown to have been adulterated by up to half.
Ecstacy tablets frequently show high levels of Levamisole, a farm animal worming agent, which has also been found in cocaine in the US, causing the flesh of some users to go rotten.

Other adulterants include Phenacetin, an analgesic with dangerous side-effects and PMA or "pink ecstasy" which has been linked to at least 20 deaths in the UK alone.

Such is the concern for the welfare of unsuspecting clubbers, that the UK now has Dancesafe, a similar organisation to CheckIt who, along with sites like ecstasydata and pillreports, (none of whom seem to have any truck with the space bar) provide user-friendly reviews, analysis and "consumer feedback" on the various street drugs available in the area.

And while programmes like needle exchanges have been around for some years, it has only been recently that the existence of DIY drug testing kits has become necessary.

Even so called "legal highs", which were once confined to relatively harmless herbal recreational trips like Space Cadets (which I readily admit to having taken many years ago, and very nice they were too) have been replaced by the frankly terrifying Meow Meow (Mephedrone), the fiercely addictive African Khat and things that are so dodgy they have to be sold as "Plant fertilizer. Not fit for human consumption".

This has once again led to calls for stricter laws to ban all legal highsl, to prevent devious manufacturers making minute alterations to recipes in order to circumvent the more vague current legislation.
At the same time, a prominent senior police chief has called for "an end to the War On Drugs", citing the rise of criminal gangs and proven effectiveness of addiction rehabilitation clinics to treat drug users.

Unfortunately, well meaning as this may be, it doesn't deal with the issue of criminalising large numbers of perfectly normal young people who want to go out and have a good time with the intoxicant of their choice, without risking getting poisoned for their trouble.

I don't think there's any doubt that people will always take mind-altering substances, irrespective of laws prohibiting them from doing so.

The question is, will we ever come up with a way for society to accept that fact and deal with it accordingly, instead of forcing the issue back underground where the only people who benefit are those who have the least interest in the culture that spawned them?


(Top image, "Raver Dale", taken from an original cartoon by Ho)

This is Sad, But True!

World's Largest Ferris Wheel in London Collapses!!!

At 135m, The London Eye was the world’s largest ferris wheel. Unexplainably, it has collapsed.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thong Thursdays - Big Booty, Little Thong

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Which One? - Bikini Clad Duo

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics.  

Redhead Bombshell Sabrina Maree is our Hottie of the Day

Another Model from, Sabrina is one of the hottest redheads we have seen.  The Buxom babe has been in Penthouse and Playboy as well.  CLICK HERE to see Sabrina's NSFW Pics!

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That Cat Likes His Red Bull!

Now this is a nice photobomb.  A Hottie trying to take a selfie has her cat jump up on the kitchen counter and start drinking her Red Bull!  

A Couple of things here:
1.  Who the Hell has a mirror in their Kitchen?
2.  Are those big bows tied on the sides of her panties?
3.  If she goes out or gets frisky with her boyfriend (or girlfriend or toys for that matter) I have a feeling she is gonna come back to a house that has been destroyed by a caffeinated cat.  Claw marks everywhere!!!
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