Saturday, October 12, 2013

That Brassiere is Filled Out - Our Favorite Lingerie

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I Need to Start Going to Raves!

I have been to two and they both sucked. I can assure you there were not girls like these at the ones I went to!

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Booties at the Beach

Hottie of the Day - Rebeca Linares

Latina Porn Star and Penthouse Model Rebecca Linares is our Hottie of the Day.  She is all over the internet.  Supposedly, she retired from Porn, but she keeps popping up.  Enjoy her Hotness while you can!

 NSFW Pics of Rebecca Here!

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5 Beer Gadgets That Every Man Needs!

If you’re a real man then you love Beer!  That means you will love these cool beer gadgets. Here is a list of 5 beer gadgets that every man needs.
Beer Tracker Bottle Opener
You know when you’ve have a few bottles of beer and for the life of you , you cannot remember exactly how many you have had, or your bro claims he has drunk the majority of the empty bottles well thanks to the beer tracker you can easily track how many you have had.
  • Comes with built-in counter to tell you how many bottles you’ve opened
  • Saves battery with auto sleep mode after 15 seconds
  • Pocket sized
Product – Limebrero
 The Can Grip
The Can Grip instantly turns an ordinary can of beer into a stein. With easy to snap-on handles no longer do you need to hold that cold glass of beer, unless of course you like warm beer – which would make you kind of weird.
  • Prevents cold and wet beer hands
  • Makes cans easier to hold on to
  • Great for parties and social events
  • Great for soda cans as well as beer cans
Product – The Can Grip
The shakoolie
We know The Shakoolie won’t be for everyone and is why we decided to put it first on our list. You know the times when you want to finish your beer but you need to get in the shower asap? Well now you can simply take your beer into the shower with you thanks to The Shakoolie. Imagine a hot shower and a cold beer at the same time!
  • Easy to install
  • Once it’s applied it’s going nowhere
  • Holds 12oz cans
  • Makes shower beers awesome
Product – Shakoolie
The Limebrero
The Limebrero is a nifty little gadget that makes you go “I didn’t want one of those but know I know they exists I totally need one.” The Limebrero makes ease of getting freshly squeezed lime juice into your bottle of beer. If like us you like a taste of lime in your beer every now and then, then this is the gadget for you.
  • Fun & easy to use
  • One half of a lime can produce enough lime juice for up to 4 beers
  • Easy to clean
  • Pocket sized
Product – Limebrero

The Bongzilla Beer Bong
Forget about the standard beer…everyone has seen one of those before. What you want is a Bongzilla Beer Bong – the first 6-man bong, which translates to the ultimate party drinking gadget. Don’t worry though if like me you only have 3 friends you can use plugs that are provided to bung up the other holes.  The only downfall is that it doesn’t come with the woman in the picture which is a shame.
  • Comes with an adjustable height pole
  • Up to 6 people can use it simultaneously
  • Comes complete with 6 funnel plugs
  • Each tube has its own on/off tap
  • Complete with stand and base
Product – Bongzilla Beer Bong

This is My Next Party Game - BITE THE BULLET!

She Don't Got This

The Guy in the video is urging her to do one more squat.  He tells her "You Got This!"   Boy was he wrong!

Maybe next time he should be spotting her and not filming her from 10 feet away.

Take a tour of an ancient archaeological site - Tarr Steps.

Hello Ramblers, Dale here again from Diary of an Internet Nobody.
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

As I'm frequently being told how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world, I thought it'd be a good idea to share one of my Picture this... photo-blogs with you.

We live in the South-West of England in the county of Devon and are fortunate enough to have gorgeous countryside in practically every direction.

Our day out to celebrate Elaine's birthday, postponed from earlier in the week due to uncooperative weather, found us heading for the Somerset border yesterday and a trip over Exmoor to Tarr Steps, one of the many the ancient monuments that we're fortunate to have in this part of the country.

Midway between Dulverton, popular destination for hikers and tourists alike and the picturesque village of Withypool, Tarr Steps, nestled in the Barle River Valley, isn't hard to find and is definitely worth a visit.

Parking in the very reasonably priced car park (£2 all day) we released the excitedly whining Roo from captivity in the back of the car and strolled down the public footpath that crosses a sheep field (dogs on leads here please) to reach the bottom of the valley.

Elaine chose to stop at the Tarr Farm Inn for a drink first, and who was I to argue.
Located directly above the river, the beautiful 16th century stone building offers great views from the beer garden, down to the even more ancient stonework below.

From the perspective of this high elevation you don't get much more than the impression of a solidly built pontoon bridge, but descending to the river bank the impressive scale of the engineering can be fully appreciated.

The date of the Clapper Bridge (from the old Latin word claperius, meaning "pile of stones") is uncertain, but best estimates put it somewhere around 1000BC.

[Although Exmoor legend has it that it was built by the Devil as part of a bet. He threatened to vaporise anyone attempting to cross the bridge until, faced down by a local hard man preacher, he acquiesced and allowed safe passage across the river on the condition that he retained sunbathing rights on the stones]

Tarr Steps bridge is 180ft (55m) long and is constructed from 17 main slabs, all of which weigh upwards of a ton and the largest, 8ft long × 5ft wide, tips the scales at two tons.

The many smaller stones that make up the piers of the bridge are intricately fitted together without any form of cement or mortar and also incorporated are the unique, raked "buttress" stones, angled in such a way as to deflect debris washed down the river in heavy rains.

Despite this design feature, during the Great Flood of 1952 heavy rain caused the river to swell and demolished the bridge, leading to the stones now having to be numbered for easy reassembly by conservation workers.

In fact since 1952 there has been a web of anchored cables further upstream, designed to catch fallen branches before they reach the bridge..

..which worked fine until 2012, when the extreme weather brought so much uprooted timber down the river that it ripped out the cables, carrying them downstream to do even more damage and once again providing patient heritage experts with the world's heaviest jigsaw.

The Barle River Valley itself is an SSSI, (site of special scientific interest) and has been designated a National Nature Reserve, with easy walks along the river bank through woods of oak, beech, ash and hazel trees.

The reserve is also recognised as an internationally significant site for fungi, mosses, liverworts and lichens and it isn't difficult to see why.

This peaceful river valley has been used by man for hundreds, possibly thousands of years for hunting, fishing, charcoal burning as part of the iron smelting industry, and now of course walking, canoeing and just enjoying the ancient beauty of the woods.


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