Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is so..... Hypnotizing!

Georgia Salpa is Wearing Our Favorite Lingerie

Former Hottie of the Day Georgia Salpa is looking Great in this Lingerie! We Love this Sultry Brunette!

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Say Hello to Carmen

This is Carmen! Not much to say about Carmen other than "WOW!!!"  The video that the sexy GIF to the left came from is down below.  It is a MUST SEE Video!!!

FOUNDRY CAMS Carmen Rocks Out in her Teddy Bear... by so-fr3sh-69

The Perfect Advertisement For Rock Star Energy Drink

What guy wouldn't buy that product after seeing this???

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Girl or Guy - Our 10th Installment

This Girl or Guy is wearing a shirt that is having a hard time keeping the boobs in! So what do you think - Girl or Guy?  Stay tuned for the answer.

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Norm MacDonald - The Moth Joke

As seen on Conan - The Moth Joke by Norm MacDonald.  You Have to stick it out til the end.

Apples and Drugs

Over the Urinals at a Pub in North London

Sent to us by Gerald, a reader over in London.  We love the Brits!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Remember Remy LaCroix?

Just an observation:  I believe that Remy LaCroix has one of the Best Gaps out there.  Incredible!  What do you think?

This MILF isn't a Cougar, She's a Leopard!

Our Favorite Dresses - The Girl

I might have to start doing some shopping over at  This dress would be my first purchase...Any lovely ladies out there that want it and would be willing to "Model" it for me?   :)  

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Triana Maida Is Our Hottie of the Day

Triana is a beautiful Argentinan Model - Once again, a Latina is a our Hottie of the Day!

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Hottie of the Day - Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga is a blog favorite. She is beautiful, sexy and actually thanked us for a retweet once :) @JessicaBurciaga

Jessica - Thanks for acknowledging our existence!!!

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Time Lapse Video of Austin, Texas

Both Matt and I are from Austin, Texas and we believe it is one of the greatest cities on Earth.  Check out this cool Time Lapse Spectral Video of Austin shot over three days and nights during this past summer.

Video by High Field Media
©2013 HighFieldMedia

Music by DPRK

Spectral Austin from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.

A Bright Orange Penis

 This was sent to me by Rodolfo Garcia. Good One!!!
A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he has a bright orange penis. The doctor takes a look and sure enough, the man's penis is bright orange.
The doctor asks the man about his daily habits to see if he could get a clue about the cause of the malady.
The man says "My day is pretty normal. I get up in the morning and go to work. My work is at a desk in an office so I dont come into contact with any strange chemicals. I come home after work, make my self dinner, watch a little TV then get ready for bed."
The doctor asks "Do you do anything before bed?"
The man says "Nothing unusual, I just eat cheetos and surf the web"

 Here are our other "Reader's Jokes."  Send those jokes in and we will try and post them ASAP.  Email your jokes to  THANKS!!!

Acronyms, Acronyms, Acronyms...

From blog contributor Ng Eng Hou.  
Read his blog:

The Best Halloween News Bloopers

Best Halloween News Bloopers Compilation

Hockey Puck Shatters Camera in Slow-Mo

Why not watch a Hockey Puck shatter a Camera Lens in Slow-Mo?  Doesn't happen very often.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thong Thursdays - Chainlink and String

Chainlink and string, that describes this tiny Thong!

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She Has Sideboob Perfection!

 More Asian Beauties Here                          More Side Boobs

Our Favorite Bikinis - Hanging By the Pool

That is a near flawless...BIKINI!  The girl isn't bad either  :)

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Ladies, if you still haven't decided on your Halloween Costume, here are a few ideas: 

Tomb Raider?
Not sure what she is, but guessing by the ears, she is a cat.  I really don't care cause she looks HOT!
A Sexy Ref!


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