Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanks for the Anonymous GIF...Whoever You Are!!!

This GIF ended up in our mailbox this week.  It was sent by (I don't want to give her email out and she ends up getting 100's of weird emails.)  The email read:  "Hope you enjoy this GIF I made of my Ass!  XOXOXO"

That was it!  Please Jane (If that is your real name - Hell, it could be a guy!) send us more!!!  We definitely enjoy it!

Panties, Panties - Get your Panties Here!

This post is actually for the ladies.  We are trying to get into marketing female's panties. Let us know which ones you like.  Guys, let us know your favorite butts!

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Zaira Nara is Wearing One of "Our Favorite Bikinis"

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Denise Milani Has a Beautiful Smile

Denise Milani has graced the blog before and will probably make many, many more appearances.  We love her Smile!!

And she is so playful!

Our Favorite Dresses - A Very Tight, Form Fitting White Dress

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Redhead Hottie Jaime Faith Edmondson in "Our Favorite Lingerie"

BEAUTIFUL!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                     For the Redhead Lover, Click Here!

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The Reason Why I Have the TV On

Our Favorite Dresses - The Bandage Dress

After doing alot of research, and looking at a lot of pics, I finally found out what this type of dress is called.  It is called the "Bandage Dress" which makes sense since it looks like a ton of bandages slapped together.  We Love it!!!!

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Did You Know That There is a Ranch in Texas Larger Than The State of Rhode Island?

The ranch is called The King Ranch and it is in southern Texas close to the Gulf of Mexico.  It is over 150 years old and on the National Register of Historic Places.

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After Watching This Video, I Want a Chihuahua!

I never thought I would ever want a Chihuahua.  To me, they were just a big, glorified Rat that was lucky enough to get pressed up to Paris Hilton's Boobs every now and then.

I saw this video and all of that changed!

I Thought It Was Always Cloudy and Rainy in England?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tassel Pasties, A Whip, and some Kinky Lingerie


We have more Pasties Here!

Our Favorite Lingerie - On a Boat

I would definitely buy that boat if she came with it!!!

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She Got a Wedgie

And a nice wedgie at that!

All of the Beautiful Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

Which One? - More Bikini Bottoms

I believe they are (L to R) Jessica Arevalo, Marissa Rivero and Jessica James.  All of them are Hardbody Fitness Models and competitors - Take your pic!

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This Girl Pulled off the Rare Double

UNDERBOOB AND CLEAVAGE!  Very hard to pull that one off.  Congratulations Ma'am!

Redhead Lauren Elise is Our Hottie of the Day

Today, we have redheaded beauty Lauren Elise modeling some very sexy lingerie.  ENJOY!!!

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Free Advice Friday - New Stress Management Technique

Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological and medical journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile...

1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream..
2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.
3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
4. No one knows your secret place.
5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a cascade of serenity..
7. The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of the person you are holding underwater.

Looks like it is working.  You cracked a smile!!

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My Letter to the Iams Dog Food Commercial GI Babe

By now, you surely have seen the IAMS Dog food commercial - The one where the lady in the military comes home after being gone for a long, long time and her dog is thrilled to see her. They hug, the dog licks her and then they show the huge beast lying on top of her in the driveway.  If you haven't seen it, here it is:

I want to preface this by saying that I am a huge supporter of all of our GI's.  The American Military has done some wonderful things and the people that serve are some of the finest people in the world!

I also want to say that I love animals.  I have had three dogs in my lifetime, a couple of cats, an iguana, some fish and even a turtle.  Dogs are my favorite.  I can't see myself living without a Dog.

Now, let's get to the ad.  It is kind of a strange ad to say the least.  You return from active duty only to get dry-humped by your giant shaggy dog...which is alright I a weird way.

I understand what the ad’s trying to show. You have been away for a long time and your furry friend’s been longing for his owner. It actually is a touching and heart-warming message.  My question is: Isn't there a better way to convey this message?  There has to be a better way than having an over-sized dog basically mount you in the driveway. This is borderline beastiality here! Why don't you two play some fetch, or maybe you could end the commercial lying on the couch watching TV while your hound is on the floor and you are petting it while it is looking up at you all happy and content-like.   

And where the hell did you find a dog like that?  I thought it was a baby Chewbacca at first?  MY GOD, that is a huge dog.  Which makes it even more disturbing.  If you had a small dog, a pug, terrier or pomeranian lying on you, it wouldn't look nearly as bad.  I am sure there is probably some kind of porn genre that is feverishly trying to make a porn parody video of this commercial...SICK!

I also know that there are some people who love the commercial.  My neighbors thinks it is great and I am pretty sure they aren't beastiality lovers!  

All I can hope for is that this is the closest thing prime time TV will get to borderline beastiality.

A couple people have mentioned to me that I might be a little jealous because you are a cutie and I have to admit, I am a little bit jealous of that dog, but that is besides the point...isn't it???

Vintage Friday

TGIF all

Lanthie Ransom

A Plane Vs. a SUV - Who Wins?

I doubt that you see this very often - a student pilot landing at a Texas airport hits a SUV that somehow didn't see a barely there spray painted on the ground 'stop' sign.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rhian Sugden - WOW!

Rhian Sugden, looking beautiful as always.  Those British Babes are Incredible!!!

Thong Thursdays - Jada Stevens

The Lovely Jada Stevens in several enticing Thongs!

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Which One - Which Asian Hottie in a Tight Dress?

 I would keep them in that order - 1, 2, and then 3.  It is kind of like asking "Small, Medium or Large"

More Asian Beauties Here

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Thong Thursdays - SLAP!

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"


If you are not a Trekkie or do not know who George Takei is, you may not get this.  Sorry  :(  

Did You Know that there are 27 States that are Farther North than the Southern Tip of Canada?

The most southern point of Canada is Middle Island in Lake Eire.  There are 27 states in the USA that are either partially or totally north of this point.

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Questions Guys Want to Know but are Afraid to ask:

Some buddies and I were talking the other day and our conversation turned towards sex (as usual.)  We started wondering about questions that we had that we rarely, or never, ask the ladies.  We quickly came up with a short list of questions we wanted to know the answers to.  Now where would we find the answers?  Most of us either did not feel comfortable asking our significant other these questions or we were single or in a fairly new relationship.  Then it hit me - This is Perfect for a Cherries and Bananas Posts!  I emailed the questions to Lanthie and she was gracious enough to give us her answers.  Ladies, if anyone else out there wants to answer, just leave your responses in the comments.


Questions Guys Want to Know but are Afraid to ask:

1. Does the plain and simple pick-up line "hey, can I buy you a drink?" at the bar ever work?

This is a tricky one - depends on what you look like / tone of voice / are your friends at the other end of the bar watching / who I’m with / what mood I’m in / if I’m in a relationship etc

2. How much pubic hair on a guy is Too Much?

Don’t mind a little but do prefer it trimmed to a manageable length. The thought of getting a mouth full of hair is not going to give you much action down there.

3. What do most guys overlook that can easily make them better in bed if they put more effort into?

The chase. It needs to start early in the day. Sexy text messages all day. Maybe accompanied by a few photographs – not necessarily of yourself but things you find sexy or a turn on. Coming home with a bottle of wine or chocolates or some sexy lingerie – Anything! Flirting with us and this shouldn’t stop when you get into the bedroom. Then taking it slow. The moment should not be rushed. And don’t just think of the one place to pleasure us – we can be pleasured on all parts of our body. Perhaps spice it up a bit with a blindfold or even a little bondage. Use your hands, your mouth AND your imagination. You will both be so much more aroused and therefor the experience so much better.
4. Does sex with or without condom make a big difference?

Makes a huge difference – I personally prefer without – Absolutely hate condoms. BUT are very necessary especially if you have more than one partner.

5. If you see an attractive male, does your first thought revolve around sex?

Maybe a fleeting thought about sex. Perhaps a thought of running my fingers down his chest is the more accurate thought.

6. How much does it hurt when you lose your virginity?

Lol – Was a long time ago so have no idea. I was also a bareback horse rider as a young girl so there were other things that took care of things down there prior to actually doing the deed.

7. Would you rather have a penis that is 10 inches or one that is 4 inches?

6 Inches will do just fine! But given a choice – depends on the guy. It is an overall package deal.
8. What do women think about our cum? Does it bother you to have it inside you or on your face?

Very personal question this and will differ from woman to woman. I love your cum – inside of me or on my face or boobs or wherever else. It is proof of what I do to you.

9. And in relation to #8, how does it really taste? When swallowing, do you do it because you like the taste or just because you think we want you to?

Don’t have huge amounts of experience here. I swallow when it is the appropriate thing to do and only do it IF I want to. Taste differs from man to man but have never had a problem with taste.

10. And also in relation to #8, can you feel it when a guy cums inside you?

Sometimes and can sometimes feel the throbbing sensation that goes with it.

11. Which is more likely to make a woman cum, clitoris stimulation or vaginal penetration?

Either of the above for me.

12. Do you masturbate thinking about guys, girls, both or neither?

Guys / Girls / Both

13. For the average woman, is porn a turn-on or turn-off?

Um – Depends on the porn. There is some really bad porn out there and let’s face it – all pretty much the same. And quite honestly, if I need porn to turn me on – then you are not doing your job. Personally I find a suggestive or erotic picture far more of a turn-on.

14. Do you notice / care if we are circumcised or not?

Never notice / Don’t care

Come on over to the dark side occasionally and read my blog at

The Pi Record

Found this story on the internet and my first thought was "Why would someone waste time to do this?"  For the majority of people in the world, Pi is 3.14 and that is good enough to use in basic math.  Who would actually use the number figured by Fabrice Bellard?  2.7 trillion decimal places?  WOW!!! That guy has way too much time on his hands.
PARIS (AFP) – A French software engineer said on Friday he was claiming a world record for calculating Pi, the constant that has fascinated mathematicians for millennia.

Fabrice Bellard told AFP he used an inexpensive desktop computer -- and not a supercomputer used in past records -- to calculate Pi to nearly 2.7 trillion decimal places.

That is around 123 billion digits more than the previous record set last August by Japanese professor Daisuke Takahashi, he said.

Takahashi, using a T2K Open Supercomputer, took 29 hours to crunch Pi to 2.577 billion digits.

Bellard took 131 days, comprising 103 for the computation in binary digits, 13 days for verification, 12 days to convert the binary digits to a base of 10 and three final days to check the conversion...

"It is a completely standard PC. The only unusual thing is that it has five 1.5-teraoctet hard disks. Mainstream PCs generally have only one 1-teraoctet disk."

CNN Should Go Back to Geography 101

Does this mean that Brazil is the New China?

Our Favorite Songs - Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Samantha Side-Boob

The Picture Just says "Samantha" and she has an exquisite Side Boob going on there, hence the title of the post.

Samantha, you will be in our dreams tonight!

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Which One? - Asian Booty

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics. We are always adding new pics to the group!  

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