Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dannie Riel Makes Her Third Appearance on the Blog

Dannie Riel was our First Ever Repeat Hottie of the Day.  We are in love with her at the blog and it seems like our readers are too.  We have had several requests for more Dannie, so here she is!!!

Our Favorite Lingerie - For the Big Booty Lovers!

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!

Hottie of the Day - Christina Iannelli

Christina Iannelli is a beautiful, buxom Brunette who does a lot of modeling and has made a few appearances on the Howard Stern Show.  Follow her on Twitter:  @xtinaiannelli

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I am Never This Lucky!

I really wish once, just once, a girl walking in front of me would raise her dress up to show me her thong.  Is that too much to ask for???

Are Cheetahs the New Cougars? founder Claudia Opdenkelder snuggled with real live cheetahs in Africa. It looks like she came close to losing an ear!

Random Thoughts - If I Were a Woman

I went over to my Friend Sandra's house last night to watch a movie and do some drinking.  I got there and I she immediately apologized for her apartment being a mess.  "No big deal" I told her as my place is always a mess and I don't apologize.

Then, I noticed a bra lying on the couch.  That got me to thinking...

 If I were the woman around here there would be bras all over the damn apartment because those things have to be very uncomfortable. I would come home from work and take them off immediately.  They would be on the couch, end tables, hanging from the lamp shades and the ceiling fan, probably in the kitchen too. If I were a girl and people came over to visit, they would probably think I always had orgies at my place with the plethora of bras all over my apartment.

WTF - Get Some Balls Library!

In my day, they would just tell you to "Shut the Hell Up!"

Have we become so sensitive and politically correct that we have to do everything without confronting people?  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

This Is How All Shoplifters Should be Handled!

$10 Million Reward!

West Texas Weather - Gotta Love It

I have been to Lubbock many times and I can attest that this is actually a fairly common occurrence during the winter months.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Some Random Latina Hotties to Get Your Weekend Started Right!

Our Favorite Lingerie - Lingerie Made Specifically for the Underboob!

This was sent to us by Justin S. down in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  He says it is his girlfriend (If it really is, Justin you are a Lucky Man!)  He also sent us some pics of her that are NSFW.  IF you want to check those out, click here!  Thanks for the Pics Justin!  
Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!                                                                                                             More Underboob Here!

I am Mesmerized By This Picture

Those Beautiful, long legs, that great ass, those heels - WOW!  This picture even has a sweet Hummer - This truly is sensory overload!

Her name is Kasia and here are some more pics from that set.   (Some are NSFW)

You can also go check out her website to see more of this beautiful 19 year old! (Website is NSFW!)

Hottie of the Day - Asian Beauty Janis True

Today's Hottie is another beauty from Janis True is an Asian Beauty from Seattle, Washington.  Her instagram is loaded with a ton of pics from this Hottie.  Make sure you check out her music video after the pics!  

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