Saturday, December 7, 2013

What I Miss About Texas...

...Buxom Cowgirls!  DAMN-I need to move back to Austin!!!

And don't forget those cowgirls with fine asses!!!

All of the Beautiful Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

Sexy, NSFW Cowgirls

Our Favorite Dresses - Where's the Piece That Covers the Butt?

Not that I am complaining...

After a little bit of research, I found the dress for sale on the House of Harlot Website.  Here are the pics from there:

Lucky Me is Right!

I guess if you work with her to get her down to showing her tattoo that says "Lucky You", then it is, indeed, going to be a great night!!!

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We Love Lesbians!

If you like Girls Kissing Girls, then check out these pics

The Only Problem with Beaches... the sand!  It gets everywhere - Thank God!!!

Beatrice Chirita is Our Hottie of the Day

Beatrice Chirita is a beautiful Romanian Model - Add Romania to my "Must See" list of countries.

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This Kids Just Wants "Ass and Titties"

I can definitely relate to this drugged up kid.  The kid just had his wisdom teeth pulled and is still feeling the effects of the pain medication.  In his drugged up haze, he declares that he wants "Ass and Titties."  Don't we all?  I know that both of those are high on my priority list. The only difference between me and him is that I don't need to be drugged up to proclaim my wants to the world.  I do it all the time on this blog!

Hey buddy, I have a gift for you.  Here is a video of "Ass and Titties" and it is SFW (Safe for Work in case you haven't learned the internet jargon yet).  I think your parents (At least your dad) would approve of this video.  Enjoy and get feeling better!

2 Drunk Chicago Bears Fans Challenge Each Other to a Footrace

I think we all know how this is going to end?

Christian Ronaldo Realized Something in this GIF

He Realized:

A.  He has a very small penis
B.  He is Gay
C. He forgot to take off the condom after a wild night of sex with various strippers he picked up in the club.
D.  He Forgot to buy the Dildo/rabbit vibrator for his girlfriend
E.  He left the lights turned on in his house.

Don't Unload a Big Concrete Tube WIthout a Ramp

It's just going to end in disaster.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Favorite Bikinis - Hot in Pink

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Yes Khalesi - Emilia Clarke's Behind the Scenes GQ Photo Shoot

The Mother of Dragons gives tips on how to date her and her "Game of Thrones" counterpart.


Wet T-Shirt GIFS to Start Your Weekend

What a Way to Start the Weekend!!!

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Hardbody Latina Ainsley Rodgriguez is Our Hottie of the Day

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Twerking: Only Qualified Booties Please!

Twerking done correctly with an exquisite booty is a thing of beauty.  But it seems too many people are getting injured doing this now not-so-new dance craze.  Please people, leave Twerking to the Experts!

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