Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sexy, Elegant Panties

LOVE THESE!!  I am buying these for any lady that wants them and is willing to model them for me  ;)

She Is Going to Hurt Someone With That Pair

Imagine if you were shorter than her and you come up to just above her chest.  Then you go out onto the dance floor with her.  You would be knocked out before the first song was done!!!

Ashley Bulgari Shows Some Leg

And we have a bonus Video of Ashley acting like a Tease!

Hot and sexy babe Ashley Bulgari teasing you by eqddfprod

Our Favorite Dresses - A Beauty in a Bandage Dress

We love Bandage Dresses here at the blog. We featured one of them back in November. Now, we have another one. This beauty sure does know how to where her Bandage Dress. Look for more Pics of these dresses soon!!!

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Axami Makes Some Wonderful Lingerie

Axami is a Polish Lingerie Company.  It figures they would make sexy lingerie in Poland based on the extremely high number of Sexy Hotties in the country.
Monika Pietrasinska is becoming a blog regular and she is one of Axami's many beautiful models

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!

A Great Interview - Paul Rudd and Jason Segal

Paul Rudd and Jason Segal do an interview while both are stoned.  Good Stuff!  We need more interviews when people are under the influence!

A Truly Walmart Christmas

NFL Fan Locations Based on Facebook Data

Finally, a map showing the geographic locations of NFL fanbases. This was created by Facebook's Data Science team. They combed the more than 35 million users who have "liked" a team's fan page, and put it into graphic form and it is even broken down by county. Sean Taylor, who headed the research and analysis, was kind enough to send along the high-resolution map. Click the overall fandom map below to enlarge.

So let's try and formulate some observations, shall we?

• The New York Jets don't have a solid fan base anywhere but in one county. New York and New Jersey are dominated by the Giants. The Jets have just one county—Nassau County, on the western end of Long Island.

• Alaska is confused. They have no NFL team anywhere near the state and they have 4 different strong fan bases.

• How did Hawaii become a Pittsburgh Steelers country?

• Florida is a diverse football state. Because of all the old-folks who moved down there to retire, there are pockets of Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Packers, and Bears fans

• The lightly populated Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions, far from any team, transition from Vikings fandom in the east to Broncos fandom to—unexpectedly—Cowboys fandom in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada.

• The Dallas Cowboys Really are America's Team, with a majority in 5 states and significant pockets in 6 others. There are more of their fans than any other team.

Jamaal Charles - For Horn Fans Who Want to Relive Some Glory

Jamaal Charles is probably one of the top 5 or so running backs to ever play for the Texas Longhorns.  What a Back! We showed him the other day throwing a 45+ yard pass and running under it to catch it.  He is a great athlete.  I found this highlight reel of some of his best performances as a Longhorn.

Obama And The ASS Kicking Experts

A buddy sent me this video.  It is kind of outdated, but still funny.  It is a video of Obama rapping about "Kicking Ass"   ENJOY!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Perfect Chess Playing Partner

I have never played Strip Chess, but I would be willing to give it a try!

Sexy Chicago Blackhawks Fans

I am a huge Hockey fan.  I have season tickets to Blackhawk Games and was there when they won the Cup last year.  As a Blackhawks fan, I can safely say that we have some of the hottest female fans in Hockey.  Take a look!

Elena Gómez Servera in "Our Favorite Lingerie"

That is Spanish Hottie Elena Gómez Servera looking great in some sexy Lingerie. I have to find more of her!

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Quick - Somebody Tickle Her!

Maybe that would make her move both her hands!  That is our former Hottie of the Day Zhao Wei Yi

This might be our first Hand Bra and Hand Panty combo on this blog.

 More Asian Beauties Here

Some Random MILFS to Start Your Weekend

Everbody Loves a Sexy MILF - Hope these will start your weekend off with a Smile!

All of our Lovely MILFS are Right Here

NSFW Pics of Sexy MILFS are Here.

WTF - The Dutch are Very Progressive

That is a Dutch Stripper performing a lap dance for a faculty member at a Dutch High School.  Yes, she is Naked and Yes, there are students watching!  OH, If Only I had grown up in Holland!!!

Everything “WTF” on this blog

The Infinity PaperPlane

It's a 2 minute video, but very cool. I think it would be a great party trick. Bet some people you can make an airplane fly forever and then rake in the cash!!!

Free Advice Friday -- It's Here!!!

Free Advice Friday is Here.  This edition brings you some advice on how to buy a car.  Why do I give you this info now?  Two reasons:  1.  We need a new car but don't have the $$ to buy one so I might as well dream about a new car and 2.  Two of my friends actually have the $$ to buy a new car and were rubbing it in my face the other day.  So this advice is to you two and any other rich people out there that are looking at buying a car. 

This was emailed to me buy one of said a-holes who wanted to rub it in my face.  I modified it a little and now I present it to you.  Good Luck buying a car and if you can spare some $$$, throw it my way. 


1. Go test drive several cars with ABSOLUTELY no intention of buying one when you’re there. No matter HOW MUCH you like it. This is about patience, this about saving you up to thousands of dollars if you play your cards right. What are your cards?

2. Get a quote from every dealer you go to, at least on the cars you think you might like.

3. Get thee to the Internet and do the research. Is it a reliable vehicle? How is it rated? What is the difference in the models? What’s the difference in cars of its class? And, most importantly, what’s a REAL price to pay for it, NOT the one the D.D. (Dealer Douchebag) gave you. Start here:

Kelly Blue Book
US News Ranking and Reviews

4. When you see options to get dealer quotes on those sites, do so. But this is KEY: When you have to fill in your phone number use your area code and 555-1212.
5. From this point out, you are only emailing. They will ask to call you, stick to email (with possibly a phone call or two if YOU feel like it). The idea is to get everything in writing.

6. Start by shopping price however far you’re willing to travel to get your vehicle. I recommend getting quotes from dealers maybe a couple of hours from your residence, so you can go back to your local dealer, the guy who gave you the original quote, and say, “Hey, look, I got this quote in the next city over, but I’d like to give you guys my business.”

7. If you are dealing with a trade in. DON’T. If you can help it. Take the time to sell it yourself. And when you do, DO NOT mess around trying to make money off it. Find it’s market value, from the sites above, and don’t try for anything over value, just get rid of it.

If you can’t, and you’re forced to trade it in, make sure you provide the dealer with all the info on it: VIN number (so they can make sure it wasn’t in accident), year, mileage, style of car, pictures (of dings, if any). Find out how much your car is worth in a dealer trade-in (sites above), and tell the dealer that’s what you want for it. They will once again say crap like “I can get close…” Say, NO, I need exact numbers or I will take my business elsewhere. And mean that. Remember, you have the ball the entire time, you’re the buyer, don’t be bullied!

8. If they won’t take your trade-in for what you want (and they will try to change it when you are there), tell them you’ll just pay the remainder in money — and sell the car later.

9. Be willing, at the drop of the hat, to walk away from the deal. There will be another day to get your car, and it may be a totally different car than you set out to get, which is cool, go with the flow…

P.S. DO NOT give your money to anyone you despise — which, I know, is kind of hard when you’re dealing with slimy, greedy and unscrupulous car salesmen,  With planning and patience you can win at this game. So don’t get played playa!

I Hope Santa Knows How To Use The Internet

Kids!  Wouldn't it have been easier to just name the toy and give a short description?

Casey Neistat's Mercedes CLA Commercial Has it All

Check Out Casey Neistat's NYC Commercial for the new Mercedes CLA  It Features all the things that we like -  bikinis, tuxedos, skateboards and it ends in the Bonneville Salt Flats, one of my favorite places in the U.S. 

This Cat Likes To Be Sucked By a Vacuum

...Just not too much sucking power!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Since When Did Plaid Become "In" and Sexy?

The only plaid that I have is an old pair of plaid pajama bottoms and I never wear them anymore.  I have to say, she looks pretty good in Plaid.  I am all for Plaid making a comeback as long as they make it in skirts and tops like this one!!!

For the Wendy Fiore Lovers

Always a favorite on the blog, we have featured Wendy Fiore and her Bodacious Ta-Ta's several times.  

Follow her on twitter: @wendyfiore

NSFW Boobie GIFS and a Collection of NSFW Boobie Pics

A Nice Blonde Thong for Thong Thursday!

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

Milena Taborda is Sexy in Latina Magazine

Milena Taborda is a beautiful Colombian model who graced the cover of Latina magazine a while back.  I was getting my haircut and happened to see the magazine while I was waiting (I discretely put the magazine inside of a Sports Illustrated so people didn't think I was a perv).  I had to look it up when I got home.  She had some hot Pics in there and, by the grace of God, I found them.  Now, I share them with you!  You are very welcome!  

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