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Sophie in a Couple of See-Thru Tops

Former "Hottie of the Day" Sophie Howard is back for a third time (Here is her second appearance on the blog). This time, we have her in a couple of see-thru pieces that leave little to the imagination. If you want to see Sophie's Boobies in all their glory, click here for some NSFW pics of our Hottie!

Lina Posada in Several Sexy Dresses!

Sexy Latina Lina Posada has already made a couple appearances on the blog, including being named our Hottie of the Day on New Year's Eve in 2012.  Here she is making her third appearance wearing some very sexy dresses.  Look for more of Lina in 2014!

More Beautiful Latinas Here!

Brittney Palmer GIFS

Just a Few Sexy Brittney Palmer GIFS for you - Enjoy!!!

A Collection of Sexy GIFS   

Which One? - Tight Dress Convention!

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics. We are always adding new pics to the group!  

Mexican Actress Marlene Favela is Our Hottie of the Day

Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz is sexy Mexican actress who has been on numerous telenovelas south of the border.  She heated up American TV when she appeared on "Ugly Betty" as  Esmeralda/Sister Eva.

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The One on the Right Must Be Canadian

Ugly Modeling Agency - Yes, It Exists

Ugly Models Agency is a London-based model agency that focuses on finding unusual-looking people for their clients. In an episode entitled “Ugly” on Taboo, National Geographic talks with the agency’s owner Marc French about his modeling agency. 

I am glad that not everyone focuses on the "Pretty" People. I applaud them!
By the way- Can you sign me up?

Another Reason Not to Have Your Mom on Facebook

'Best News Bloopers of 2013' - Part 2

Here's Part 1 In Case You Missed It!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Favorite Lingerie - Ass Enhancing Lingerie

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!

All of the Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

She Looks Ready

Multiple bottles of lube at the bedside: check. Gigantic Surgically Enhanced chest: check. Unnecessary zebra stripes on her bed: check. Gratuitous naked chick painting: check.

Have you Heard of Under Bun?

We have had a lot of Underboobs on here, but what about Under Bun?  Is that even a term?  Did I just invent a new word?

Under Bun is when your butt cheeks hang out of our shorts, dress, etc.  Here are some examples:

All of the Butts that Have Graced the Pages of this Blog

We have a some Bountiful NSFW Butts here

Our Favorite Lingerie - Side Profile

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!

German-Turkish Actress Sila Sahin is Our Hottie of the Day

Sıla Şahin is a Turkish-German actress, best known for her portrayal of Ayla Özgül in a German soap opera called Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (I think that is translated as "Sexy Brunette Hottie.)  Şahin posed nude for the German edition of Playboy in 2011 and that caused some serious controversy as many Muslims reacted negatively.  We, on the other hand, are happy she posed for Playboy.  You can find Sila Sahin's NSFW Pics are Here

Check out our Former Hotties of the Day!

Some of the Most Racist People in the Last 100 Years

History is full of people who were just plain bigots. The disease of racism and bigotry is a universal one, affecting people of every race, religion, nation, etc. The following list is of men who, through ignorance, are at the forefront of bigotry.

--Henry Ford:  The founder of the modern American automotive industry was also the 1920s king of American anti-Semitism. Henry Ford is best known for being the inventor of the assembly line method of manufacturing automobiles, but he is also one of the most Anti-Semitic figrues in History.   He owned a newspaper that he often used to push his Anti-Semitism onto the people of Michigan.  In his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, he published many collected works from around the world as “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”. It was later released as a book.  In it, Ford blamed the Jews for everything from pornography to alcoholism to communism and beyond. The book proved to be rather popular, especially in 1930s Germany.  Adolf Hitler read the book and awarded Ford a medal.  Have you ever read Hitler's book “Mein Kampf” for a history class or World Lit. class?  Ford is the only American to be mentioned in the book.  Ford's book is in the news again.  It has recently become popular with Islamic radicals, who use it in their preaching against Israel by portraying the country as part of a Jewish plot to destroy Islam.

--Samuel Bowers:  Samuel Bowers was the Imperial Wizard (leader) of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a particularly violent branch of the Klan that was active in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. He formed the group in 1963 and within a year were active in almost every area of Mississippi. Bowers believed that the Klan must fight back violently against the Civil Rights Movement.  As such, his group became famous for giving, as one modern Klansmen, C. Edward Foster, on a recent History Channel documentary about the Klan put it, “bricks, bombs and bullets, not bulls**t”.

In 1964, during the civil rights campaign known as “Freedom Summer”, the group murdered several civil rights workers, white and black, most famously James Chainey, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, an event which became the basis for the movie “Mississippi Burning”. In 1966, under Bowers’ orders, Klansmen firebombed the home of Vernon Dahmer, who had been registering blacks to vote, and in 1967 they targeted Jewish establishments in a series of bombings.
--Adolf Hitler:  This one doesn't really need a whole lot of explanation.  The man hated Jews, Blacks, Communists, Gypsies, Members of the Jehova's Witnesses, Handicapped people and the mentally ill.  If you were not an "Aryan", then you were worth nothing to Germany. 
--The Mexica Movement:   This is the only group that is on this list. I came across this group while living in Mexico.  There are not very well known, but they are out there.  The Mexica Movement is an organization of “indigenous” activists with some very unique goals. The group views (erroneously) all the indigenous groups on the American continent, from the tribes of Panama to the Mayans in Mexico to the Eskimos in Northern Canada and Alaska, as being one single ethnic group of a nation called “Anuhuac”.  They seem to be very similar to white supremacist groups believing whites to comprise a single nation. Consequently, the group supports the repatriation of all whites back to Europe and blacks back to Africa.  Although they have not been a huge advocate of the use of force, there are some in the movement that believe it is time to take matters into their own hands.  Stay tuned on this one. 
--Yahweh ben Yahweh:   Born Hulon Mitchell Jr., Yahweh ben Yahweh is the leader of the Nation of Yahweh (get the connection?), a religious group adhering to Black Hebrew Israelism, the belief that blacks are the true descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. While usually a rather harmless belief, ben Yahweh took it one step further; he declared that he was the Son of God and the Messiah, and that he was sent by God to vanquish white people and Jews, referring to white people as “white devils” in the same manner as the Nation of Islam once did. He was later imprisoned in 1990 for conspiracy in relation to 23 gruesome murders that took place in the Miami area involving members of the group.

I know there are many more that I could list.  Unfortunately, there are a ton of racists out there and many of them, sadly, have played an important role in History.  I tried to get a mix in this short list.  Let me know some others that you think belong on this list.

The 'Best News Bloopers of 2013

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Tomorrow...

A Memory That I would Like to Forget

I have no idea why this disturbing memory popped into my mind, but it did and I thought I would share it with you.  I remember while student teaching in Texas, I happened to attend a school meeting with parents.  My cooperating teacher was going to be a chaperone on a school sponsored trip to Europe.  The teachers were talking about not overpacking for the trip.  "Travel Light" they said.  This one exchange has been burned into my memory for all of eternity. 

Teacher: (pointing to one of the scarier looking moms) Yes? You had a question?

Scary Mom: Yes. You were talking about having the kids travel light?...I would like to share one of my travel trips that I used when I used to travel.  I spent a few months backpacking throughout Europe after College.  What I used to do when I traveled was get all my old, dirty underwear that I really should have thrown out and I'd pack them for my trip. Then as I wore the old underwear I would just throw them out as I used them so at the end of the trip I had less things to bring home and a bit more room in my suitcase for gifts.

EWWWW!!!  Did not need to know that!!!

This Day in History -- January 3

January 3, 1833 – The British take over the Falkland Islands, turning it into a British Colony. An Argentine Officials says “Let the British have these barren, meaningless islands. They will become a source of violent conflict between our two nations for years to come.” Little did he know.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Which One? - Two Ladies Giving Us the Finger

But they are wearing Yoga pants, so it is all good!  Personally, I will take the one on the left.

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics. We are always adding new pics to the group!  

The Best Goal Cam Shot...EVER!!!

...And it was in Chicago! The Ice Crew is a group of very sexy Chicagoans who represent the Blackhawks at all United Center home games.  I would say they certainly are representing The Hawks Well!

I Give Two Thumbs Up Too!

I actually have two thumbs and something else up!!!

A Collection of Sexy GIFS   

Hottie of the Day - Nicole Meyer

Nicole Meyer is a beautiful South African Model from Cape Town. Lanthie - Can you Hook Me Up with Her??? 

Check out our Former Hotties of the Day!                                               Sexy NSFW Lingerie

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