Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day Pranks for the Office

Today is  April Fool’s Day!!!  I love it!!  A friend emailed me this list of office pranks.  I highly recommend that you try a few of these. These pranks are funny and harmless.  Remember, always use good judgment when playing pranks on coworkers (especially your boss).#10 - Clipped

Make some photocopies of a paperclip.  Then put them into the paper tray of the copier and watch your coworkers going nuts trying to find the paperclip stuck somewhere in the copier.
#9 - Taking Notes

Replace the victim’s pens with pens that have caps super-glued to them.  Another alternative includes painting the tips of pens or pencils with clear nail polish. When they try to write, none of the pens will work.  The nail polish can be later removed by dipping tips in polish remover.
#8 - What Do You Want?

If your phone system has conference calling, you can prank two coworkers at once.  First, call the first coworker’s extension, then quickly call the second coworker and conference them in. Then listen to them argue over who called whom!
#7 - Human Voicemail

Have coworkers persistently call the victim asking for Larry (or any other name as long as there is no one by that name in the office).  Leaving voicemail for Larry works as well.  At the end of the day, call them and ask:  “Hi! This is Larry! Do you have any messages for me?”
#6 - Who’s Calling?

Leave a note on the victim’s desk that “Mr. Lyon” called for them (Mr. Behr also works) and wants to be called back as soon as possible.  Make sure to include the phone number of a local zoo as the call back number!
#5 - Can You Hear Me?

Tape down the hook that presses down when the handset is in the cradle so when the phone starts ringing and they pick it up, it will keep ringing.  For an extra effect, put a little piece of scotch tape over the microphone of the phone receiver.
#4 - It’s Possessed!

If you have a wireless mouse, plug the receiver into your coworkers computer (leaver their mouse plugged in).  Then periodically, as they are using the computer, use your mouse to slightly move the cursor on their screen.   If you have two coworkers’ computers in close proximity, just switch the cords around randomly (mouse, keyboard, monitors, etc.) and watch the coworkers go crazy trying to figure out what’s going on!
#3 - Roller Coaster

If a coworker’s office chair has a lever that adjusts its height, tie it with a piece of cord underneath the chair in its adjusting position.  Once the victim sits on the chair, it will slide all the way down, but as soon as they stand up, it will rise back all the way up.
#2 - Important Papers

Take random papers from the recycling bin (it doesn’t matter what they way but it is better if they look important) staple pages together in random order and put them in a coworkers desk file drawer or their mailbox.  For better results, make a memo sheet (or a post-it) that says “Confidential” and watch the coworker going nuts trying to figure out what it means.

#1 -  Let’s Prank’em!

Send a coworker the e-mail below (Just don’t click on the link unless you want to spend 10 minutes closing annoying popup messages).  It works like magic if the victim is a known prankster.  They will most likely fall victim of this prank while thinking they are about to prank someone else!  In our book, this makes the following the funniest office prank of all:

Copy-paste and e-mail them the following message:

Hey, can you help me play this prank on someone in the office? This is hilarious, check it out:http://www.resumark.org/blog/funniest-april-fools-day-prank.html

Good Luck!!!

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