Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Open Letter to Home Depot

Dear Home Depot,

I am really beginning to hate you. First, you NEVER have what I need. Ever. Although you are one of the largest hardware stores in the world, you usually don't have Jack Shit!

Secondly, your workers/sales associates/help sucks. Your "experts" are no more of an expert in their areas than I am.  Hell, I probably know more than the painting and tools "Experts" at most of your stores. I took a pamphlet with me to the store for a valve for a sprinkler system that I bought at your store.  I even had the part number circled and showed your "expert" what I needed, I Have No Idea What He Was Thinking! He gave me something that was NOT what I needed. When I said that it was the wrong part, he treated me like I was an ignorant asshole. Oh Well, I argued but to no avail.  I thought maybe he did know something I didn't, after all he is the "EXPERT."  Guess what Home Depot? It was the wrong freakin' part. I had to go back with wrong part and pamphlet in hand, and  in a very pissy mood. Supposedly the "expert" had left for the day, but I doubt that - I swear I saw him hiding behind the tall tool boxes!   What a Freakin' moron AND a coward. Way to go Home Depot,  You Guys Suck!!!


A Pissed Off Customer Who Knows More Than Your "Experts"


  1. And this is why I am grateful there is no home depot in our area.. I would go slap off

  2. The last time I went to Home Depot to get some paint, all the paint dept people were just chatting by the register and no one bothered to ask if anyone (me or the other shoppers) needed any assistance. Even me walking back and forth like a dummy didn't give them the hint I needed help.


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