Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keegan Monroe in Our Favorite Lingerie

Porn Star Keegan Monroe Looks Good with her clothes on Too!

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This is what you really want – NSFW Collection of Porn Stars

Now THAT is a Hardbody!

Couldn't find her name...But DAMN!!!

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Our Favorite Dress??? Not Sure if This is a Dress...

The Blonde is Hot, nonetheless!

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Hottie of the Day - Mexican soap opera actress Isabel Madow

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This is Just a Little Disturbing

UHMMM...WTF?!?!? This girl sleeps around and keeps pics AND the used condoms of the guys she has slept with. WOW!!!  (My Commentary after the picture)

A Couple of things here:
1. Imagine the smell in that room! Most condoms smell bad enough by themselves, but condoms with cum sill in them...
2.  Does she take the guys to her room to have sex with them.  Imagine meeting a chick and thinking you are getting lucky only to go back to her place and see this in her bedroom.  TURN OFF!!!  
3.  I think she needs to go to a Sex Rehab clinic.  That is probably over 100 guys right there and who knows how many guys she has on other walls.  Can you say "Nymphomaniac"?
4.  Did she do all these guys in her place, or does she sometimes go to the guys' places and then scoop up the condom from the trash and take it back to her place?  Or does she just ask the guy for the condom?  I have been with some weird, wild and kinky girls, but I never had a girl asked me for my used condom!
5.  Why the hell would you take a picture of your room like this?  I am hoping and praying this is some kind of "New Wave" art stuff.  Please let me be right!  
6.  I think she has already slept with more guys than many porn stars sleep with in their entire careers!
7.  Some of those guys are Horses!  There are some big ass, long condoms on that wall!

As Parents, We Give Mixed Signals

This is so true!!!

I Agree With This Very Smart Lady!

DYK - The Cone Symbol for the VLC Media Player...

Did You Know that the traffic cone symbol for the VLC Media Player is there because the creators of the program had a traffic cone collection?

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What Do Yo Do When You Can't Hear Someone?

I do all four - Depends on the situation and who I am with.  If I am at a party, it is always the 4th option.  Most of the time, it turns out it was a joke.  You gotta play the odds!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Charley Atwell & Jeana Brock

These two stunning British Babes would make a fantasy threesome!!!  Here is one more of them (NSFW)

She Has a Nice Assortment of Donuts

NSFW Boob GIFS and a Collection of NSFW Boob Pics

Our Favorite Lingerie - Happy Valentine's Day!

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Just Found Melanie Iglesias Video

Blog regular and future Wife Melanie Iglesias in another hot video!  This one is called "The Greatest Lightshow on Earth."

We love you Melanie and please return our calls, respond to our texts and emails, etc.   :)

Our NSFW Collection of Sexy Latinas

This Cutie is Our Hottie of the Day

Don't have a name, but she is a cute.  Beautiful smile and love the dress with the heart pasties!  So appropriate for Valentine's Day

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A Valentine's Present From Us to Your Readers

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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A Tasmanian Devil Tattoo That Is Just Bad!

Here is another of our bad tattoo pics .  There are alot of idiots out there getting some rather questionable tattoos.  Please let Natural Selection take over and do its job.

Although this is a clever use of a nipple for a penis, I just don't understand why anyone would ever tattoo that onto their chest.

Perhaps the Coolest Liquor Bottle Ever!

The Samurai Vodka Bottle.  Saw it up on a shelf at a bar last weekend and I had to find a pic of it.  I didn't have my phone with me (or I was already too drunk and couldn't find it.)  I might have to go back to that club and ask them where they got it because I haven't seen it at any of the liquor stores I frequent in Austin.
Have a Happy and Sexy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

PornHub Comments on Valentine's Day Greetings


Beautiful Olympic Athletes - Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi

The Winter Olympics are going on over in Sochi, Russia.  That means there will be a plethora of beautifuyl Olympians on the internet.  In honor of the olympics, we bring you "Beautiful Olympic Athletes."  Our first athlete is Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi.  Kiira is a Finnish figure skater.  Apart from having a very weird name with a lot of double "I"s, she is a hottie.  To the left is a pic of her at a figure skating competition.  Below is a pic of her modeling - WOW!!!

I Wish I Knew What She Was Laughing At

I Would love to Laugh With Her!

NSFW Boob GIFS and a Collection of NSFW Boob Pics

A Nice One-Piece

Hope to see that at the beach this summer

Hottie of the Day - Michelle Lewin

Hardbody Hottie Michelle Lewin graces the blog as our Hottie of the Day - Enjoy!

Black Tape Project Evolution Michelle Lewin from Venge Media on Vimeo.

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Thong Thursdays - A Thong With Tats

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

I'm Rooting for the Obama Girls to Get a Tattoo - And Make it a Trashy One!!!

Stephen Colbert is On Top of Things

It Took Me Awhile But Now I See - The Spice Girls Dressed Like Hookers!

Found this old pic of The Spice Girls.  I was in Vegas this week and I saw several hookers/street walkers who were wearing the exact same clothes as they were.  The only outfit I did not see was Sporty Spice's.  Not sure if the Spice Girls Dressed as Hookers or today's hookers are dressing like the Spice Girls...

The Cover of a Typical Women's Magazine

...Such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc.  My female friends have told me this is very acurate.

Take Advantage of Your Age Kid!

In a few years, you won't be able to do that anymore!!!

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