Saturday, March 15, 2014

This Woman Needs to Get Lingerie with a Bigger Cup

Tattooed Hottie in Stockings and Lingerie


An Impractical Swimsuit

I doubt you could do too much swimming in that thing.  And why would you lay out in the sun with it on, you would get a big wide white swath across your midsection.   I think she should just tan and swim naked...

Which One? - Holly Peers or Rosie Jones

Holly Peers or Rosie Jones - You can't really lose with this pick.

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Is That A Dishwasher With a Window?

We have some Bountiful NSFW Butts here        

Somebody Is Either Bored, Very Perverted or Deseperate -- Or Perhaps All Three!

Some guy made a Homemade Sex Doll and posted the process online.  (WARNING:  NSFW)
The dude even cut out pictures from Magazines of chicks and pasted them onto the head so he could fantasize that he was having sex with them.  WEIRD!!!

Thank God He didn't demonstrate how he used it for us.

WTF - Creativity With Construction Barriers

Kudos to either the Construction crew or a bunch of Drunk College students - Whoever made that did a great job!!!

Everything “WTF” on this blog

Barbie Wants to Touch Willie's Willie

Watch where you are putting that hand Barbie!!!

WTF - "Aliens Gave My Cat a Beard"

What is the big deal with this?  I am starting to see this pop-up all over the internet.  I-Phone Covers, T-Shirts, Bad Tattoos...Someone please explain!

Top 10 NSA Pick-Up Lines

Snow Stops Neither the Mail Nor the Hookers

Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Favorite Dresses - A Hint of Underbun

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UHHH...YEAH...Excuse Me While I Go To The Bathroom!

A Collection of Sexy GIFS   

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Our Favorite Bikinis - Fringe Anyone?

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Jordan Carver Makes a Kitchen Messy

Jordan Carver is back and she had a little accident. Wish I was there to help her clean up the mess...

She Must Be a Canadian

Who else would shovel snow wearing a bikini???

Blonde, Beach, Handbra...

...need I say More?      We have the NSFW pics (2 of them) from this set here.  Enjoy!

For the lovers of Fake Boobs – We Got you Covered Here!  

Carly Baker - Hottie of the Day

UFC Ring Girl is back (See her first Appearance on the Blog here) as our Hottie of the Day.  The British Babe was the first ever British UFC Ring Girl.  Congrats and Congrats on being selected as our Hottie of the Day!

Fashion Shows - Neither I Nor Aaron Paul Get Them

Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad Fame) reacts the same way I do when I see a fashion show (except for the Victoria's secret show, but that is an exception.)  I just don't understand all those "Fancy Fashions".  The normal person would never wear them and even most celebrities aren't seen in them.  I always see pics from fashion shows with weird outfits, but I never see people out in public wearing them.  What is up with the Fashion World?

No "Chokin'' the Chicken", "Beatin' the Meat" or "Spanking the Monkey"

No "Chokin' the Chicken", "Beatin' the Meat" or "Spanking the Monkey"


DYK - The World's Deepest Swimming Pool is 113 ft. Deep?

It is located in Belgium and called the Nemo 33 Swimming Pool  

More “Did You Know” Posts are Here

Me to Everyone At Work Today

...Because I am hungover, tired and pissed off. I will come in with a smile, but that will soon change. Enjoy my mood comrades!!!

I See The Des Moines Bomb Squad Has a Sense of Humor

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thong Thursdays - A Photoshoot

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Our Favorite Lingerie - Busty in Black and Red

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Let's All Go to Puerto Rico!

We love Puerto Rican Beauties.  Viva las Boricuas!

Thong Thursdays - Beach Games

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Hottie of the Day - She Won the Genetic Lottery

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Golfer's Tan

Most of you have probably heard of a farmer's tan.  The tan where you can clearly see the guy was wearing a short sleeve shirt.  Well, I introduce you to the "Golfer's Tan" as modeled by PGA Golfer Stewart Cink.

The Lobster Prank

Have a Friend Who is Afraid of Lobsters?  I suggest you try this prank...

WHY...WHY? A Bad Tattoo

Why would anyone get this Ugly Ass Tattoo of Miley Cyrus and Wrecking Ball?  MY GOD, Society has gone Mad!!!

Chicken & Waffle Lays

Not Sure about this flavor, but I am willing to give it a shot.  

No Wonder I Can Never See The Stars in Austin

This is a photo of the San Antonio-Austin I-35 Corridor as seen from the Space Station.

That's a lot of Lights!
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