Saturday, September 13, 2014

Niki Skyler & Aspen Rae are Good Friends

Niki Skyler & Aspen Rae are two porn stars who enjoy doing a lot of videos and photo shoots together.  And when they are together, they really get into it!  See for yourself..
Here is one of their videos together (VERY NSFW!!!  and very sexy  :)

And here are the NSFW Pics that we can't put on the blog.

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Daniela Lopez Osorio - WOW!!!

WOW! Love her little shake and the view as she is walking away. The video source is below (The GIF Above starts around the 33 second mark!

No...Please Don't Go!

Just a few stunning pictures of Girls Walking Away...a sight I have seen far too often!!!

Miss Pixie is Our Hottie of the Day

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Sideboobs Galore

I don't really need to say anything, do I???

Sideboob, Sideboob - Get Your Sideboob Here!!!

The Darth Vader Balloon

This is the Coolest Balloon I have ever seen!

Kelly Ripa Wants to Know What 5.5 Inches Looks Like

Go Ahead Michael - Show Her!!!

The Leaf Blower Toilet Paper Gun

The leaf blower toilet paper gun prank (I've never heard of it either, but it is classic!)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ari Dee is the Perfect Schoolgirl!

Ari Dee is Hot!  Take a look at her in these photos from a sexy Schoolgirl shoot.  WOW!!!  I want to take those and make a life size poster out of them.

Her site, is super hot (unfortunately it is a pay site, but you can get a peek) and you can follow Ari on Twitter @TheAriDee (it's free!)

Renee Somerfield in TWO of Our Favorite Bikinis

She's already been featured wearing one of Our Favorite Dresses, now Renee Somerfield takes to the blog wearing a couple of our Favorite Bikinis.

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Oh My - Our Favorite Lingerie

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That's Peachy!!!

Yes, Melissa Debling's Ass is very Peachy!!!  

Hottie of the Day - Cynthia Escobar

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