Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sexy Babes in the Kitchen

Enjoy the Fotos and Bon Appetite!

Summer is Over - Goodbye Bikinis, Hello Yoga Pants and Babes in Furry Boots

It is freakin' cold, which means I won't be seeing many bikinis for the next 5 months or so.

But I will be seeing more Yoga Pants

and Babes in Furry Boots - AMEN!!!

Our Favorite Dresses - A Little Adjustment...

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Our Favorite Lingerie - Sexy and Tall

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Sexy NSFW Lingerie

It Seems As Though He Got The Right Tattoo!!!

From the looks of it, he is "Hard to Kill"

The Philadelphia 76ers Suck So Bad...

...that Papa John's had to lower their score on their promotion from when the 76ers score 100 down to 90 points!

Rodney Dangerfield Would Have Been 93 Today

I miss him!  We need more comedians like him.

Alaska's Revenge!

Alaska, Tired of being shoved into the corner on maps, has taken its Revenge!

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