Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stockings and Heels and Not Much Else

Nabila Benattia in 2 of Our Favorite Dresses

French Model and Reality TV Show Star Nabila Benattia shows off two sexy dresses!                 
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BEWARE Guys - She was arrested last month for stabbing her boyfriend in the Chest.  Not sure you want to get involved with her, she might pull a Lorena Bobbitt and cut off your dick if you don't do as she says.

Amy Anderssen is To Big For One of "Our Favorite Bikinis"

We have had Amy Anderssen on this blog a couple of times before.  I have to pose a question to Amy:  Is there a point that you boobs can get TOO FAKE???    Just wondering...

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Our Readers - Meet Melissa the MILF

Melissa sent us a selfie this week.  She is from Bloomington, Minnesota (Home of the "Mall of the Americas")  Melissa says she is 37 years old and the mother of 2.  Her youngest is 6 and her oldest is 12.  She keeps that MILF Body in shape by running, working out at the gym 4 times a week and eating right.

Melissa - Why did you send us only one pic?  We need want more!!!

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

Disclaimer:  These are emails and pictures sent to us from people that we usually do not know.  We have no way of knowing if these pics are really of the people who are sending them.  We write this because we have had a couple of pics sent to us who we knew were not the people claiming they were (nice try “Sara” sending us a pic of a young Jenna Jameson!)  If you send us a pic, please send us YOUR pictures.  Thanks!!! 

NSFW Pics of Sexy MILFS are Here.   That First Album Got so big, we decided to make a 2nd one. MILFS are so popular that we had to make a 3rd one as well.

Sylvia Geersen - Hottie of the Day

Dutch Model Sylvia Geersen is our Hottie of the Day!  

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Let's See If My Blog Gets Hacked Because of this Picture!

Come on North Korea - Let's See What Ya Got!!!

10 Things to Do When You Are Drunk

This list was sent to us by Fernando Valdez, a buddy of mine living in Round Rock, Texas.  He found it on his favorite  2nd Favorite website (after our blog),  Here is a link to the originial artcle

1. Enter an Eating Contest: If you're going to drink to excess, you might as well eat like a pig too. Because winning an eating contest is about relaxing the esophagus and forgetting how many chicken wings you've already eaten. And if you throw up, you can always blame the booze.

2. Argue With a Talking Parrot: In your inebriated state, the parrots mindless repetition will sound like he's actually responding. And when you drunkenly try to respond with random drunken thoughts, he's likely to parrot back words you already forgot. Just make sure your friend is ready with his camera phone and to post it on YouTube.

3. Drive Go-Karts: Sure, driving a car is illegal and dangerous, but driving drunken Go-Karts on a closed track with your friends? Awesome and totally legal. Just don't attempt a Fred Flintstone stop in the middle of driving one.

4. Ride a Rollercoaster:
Vomiting in a public toilet or on the street is sad and pathetic. But vomiting on a rollercoaster at 60 mph, completely acceptable. Remember, you're not drunk, you just stagger when you have the flu.

5. Stage a Political Debate:
If you want to see people's true feelings about politics and hot button issues in the news, wait until they're hammered. When they see the footage later, they'll wish they vomited on themselves instead.

6. Play a Video Game Where Your Body is the Controller: You staggering around drunk is funny, but your video game avatar staggering around a map where everyone is trying to kill him is even better. You won't win, but everyone watching will.

7. Play Bar Trivia: It has to be the bar trivia where you stand up and say the answer. It's the only way you'll embarrass yourself publicly and make it to YouTube. And don't take a hard category, it's funnier when you blow the easy questions.

8. Drive a Flight Simulator: They'll never let you behind the wheel of a 747 when you're drunk (unless you're a pilot), but anyone can ride a simulator right into the ground! Bonus points if your friends do the anguished screams of the passengers you're about to kill.

9. Play Strip Poker: Well, you can't play for money in the state you're in and it's almost as amusing watching you try to cobble together a straight as it is to watch you take off a shirt. Just make sure it isn't a sausage fest when you suggest it unless that's your thing.

10. Visit a Haunted House: Either two things are going to happen; 1) You're going to laugh at everything no matter how scary it is or 2) everything will appear way too real and you will shit your pants. That could've happened anyway, considering how much you've been drinking trying to do this list.

Dear Sony...

Of course, they do have Nukes and a Crazy-Ass Leader.  And Sony is a Japanese Company that is within striking ranges of its missiles, so maybe they do have a little to be worried about.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Is It Just Me, Or Does She Look Like She is Making Donkey Noises?

Not meaning to be disrespectful and no pun intended but just watch the movement of her mouth...

Leanne Crow Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas!!!

NSFW Pics of Busty Leanne Crow can be found here

I Want to Ride My Bike With Her

Do I really need to explain why???

Chloe Pridham in Bridal Lingerie

I wish all brides would wear that under their wedding gown!

Emilie Payet - Can I Follow You?

No not on twitter - On that street!  

Our Favorite Bikinis - Is She a Packers Fan?

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Hottie of the Day - Against The Wall

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Free Advice Fridays - Want to Learn How to do "COCK MAGIC"?

Randy Marsh from South Park teaches you how to do "COCK MAGIC"

Brittney Palmer is Hot and an Artist!!!

Brittney Palmer has been on this blog numeroust. She's a UFC ring girl, model and she is beautiful. Now, add artist to the mix! According to TMZ Sports, Brittney has just sold a painting that she made of James Dean for $3,000. Well done Brit!!!

Tourette's Karaoke

Tourettes Karaoke featuring Glenn Medeiros 'Nothing's gonna change my love for you'

WTF - How The Hell Did Someone Even Do This?

The Crap that can be found in Public Restrooms...

Everything “WTF” on this blog

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thong Thursdays - It's a String

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

Our Favorite Lingerie - Martha Hunt is Back

Martha Hunt is quickly becoming a favorite here on the blog.  She has already been in one of "Our Favorite Lingerie" post and now she is back by popular demand.

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!                    Sexy NSFW Lingerie

This Photo Looks Like It Is Promising...

...wish I could see what happened for the next 40 or 50 photos!!!  Looks Like I have my afternoon Google search planned.  All I have to go on is that the name of the Hottie on the right is Hua Yi Mo.

More Asian Beauties Here                                               NSFW Asian Hotties are Here

Daniela Lopez Osorio - Hottie of the Day

Already featured this beauty once on the blog, now we feature her as Our Hottie of the Day!

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Thong Thursdays - Grey is a Nice Color

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

KPop Girls Know How To Move

Ever since Psy came out with Gangnam Style, KPop music (and their sexy ladies) have been taking the world over.  KPop girls are the new "Video Vixens."  Let's see why:

Here is the video of the previous two GIFS - WOW!

And a couple more random KPop Videos...I might have to move to Korea!

Outdated (and Hilarious) Sex Ed Advice

Found these snippets of Sex Ed. on the internet.  Imagine if this advice was dished out to Teenagers in this Day and Age?  (Original Source)

1. Girls find making out boring, but they’ll do it to please boys.
“Most girls do not care for the experience, but some of them are willing to submit to it because they believe it’s part of the price they have to pay for the privilege of being taken out by such a wonderful hunk of a man as you happen to be.” –Bert Y. Glassberg, 1958

2. Keep your mind virginal, or else…

“Not only is the mind to be kept pure, but the imagination must be carefully guarded. Turn away from obscene pictures as you would from the most loathsome contagion. — “What A Man Ought To Know,” 1897.

3. Girls who hold hands are easy.

“No hand-holding during the movie even if he insists and you’d like to. It may be a test to see whether you’re an easy mark.” — “Date Data,” 1954.

4. Housework will save you from sexual promiscuity.

“Housework, particularly floor-scrubbing, is not only great for the female figure, but it’s good for the soul. And it will help take the edge off your sex appetite.” — “Ann Landers Talks to Teen-Agers About Sex,” 1963.

5. If you kiss too well, you’ll seem too “experienced.”
“A kiss shouldn’t make promises a girl doesn’t plan to keep, and if it’s lacking in ‘technique,’ so much the better. As I’ve said before, a kiss is like a salesman’s spiel: If it’s too perfect, you suspect he’s had so much practice he couldn’t possibly be sincere.”– “Helen Help Us” by Helen Bottel, 1970

6. Reading romance books is VERY dangerous for your private parts.
It is not only that novel-reading engenders false and unreal ideas of life, but the descriptions of love-scenes, of thrilling, romantic episodes, find an echo in the girl’s physical system and tend to create an abnormal excitement of her organs of sex.” –“What A Young Woman Ought To Know”, 1913.

7. Ladies, when you’re on your period, DO NOT ride in an automobile.

“The womb is congested during the period, is larger and heavier than normal… Automobile riding and railroad and carriage traveling prove injurious in some instances, greatly increasing the flow of blood.” — “Woman and Her Sex And Love Life,” 1917

8. Real boys wait.
When a boy waits for sex, he’ll be “ready with a big splendid manhood to offer in return for the devotion and companionship of a splendid girl.” -“Marked Trails for Boys” by Frank H. Cheley, 1931

9. But not if they get dangerously turned on…
“You can’t turn a boy on and expect him not to catch on fire.” – “Helen Help Us”, 1970

10. Don’t jar pickles the wrong way, and don’t have sex the wrong way (or something…)
“You wouldn’t take a diamond and platinum brooch to try to pry open a jar of pickles with it, would you? Using sex in the wrong way adds up to the same thing.”- “Ann Landers Talks to Teen-Agers About Sex,” 1963

News Reporter Fails Compilation - Love These!

News Reporter Fails Compilation - 2014

WTF - Who Eats Cereal with a Fork?

Found on the back of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Box - The squares are being eaten by a Fork!!!

Everything “WTF” on this blog

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Selena Spice - It's Like She Can't Decide What to Do

Selena Spice also goes by the name of Andre Rincon, just in case you want to do some additional research.  Here's the video source for this GIF (It is very NSFW - You Have been Warned!)

Our Favorite Lingerie - Merry Christmas To All!

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!

Our Favorite Lingerie - Sky Blue is Sexy

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!                    

Our Favorite Dresses - So Sexy!!!

She goes by the name of Natasha or Nana - We've seen both.  Very Hot!!!

Check out our other "Favorite Dresses"           A Collection of NSFW Dresses

Hottie of the Day - The Owner of this Lingerie and Those Boobs!

Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

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