Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Favorite Lingerie - An Elegant Jordan Carver

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She Goes By The Name "Booty Star"...

As you can see, this girl has more than just a Big Booty!

Sara Sampaio and Nina Agdal in Two MORE of Our Favorite Dresses

Sara Sampaio and Nina Agdal have already been featured once, together, wearing Our Favorite Dresses.  Check that post out here.  They are back and having some fun!

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Our Favorite Bikinis - Black Latex with Pink Bows

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Katerina Hartlova is Our Hottie of the Day,

Russian Hottie Model turned Porn Star Katerina Hartlova is our Hottie of the Day.  NSFW Pics of Katerina can be found here.  ENJOY!

At Least Her Beautiful Butt Isn't Hurt!

She's a Colorado Buffalo with a beautiful Ass!!!

I Nominate This as the Ugliest Christmas Present of 2014

Not even sure what it is - Pajamas?  A Running Outfit?  Whatever it is, the person must really hate the guy to gift him that!!!

Christmas Fails!!!

A hilarious compilation of Christmas and Holiday Fails

I Thought Jordin Sparks was Some Kind of Hard-Core Christian

She sure isn't setting a good-example as she flipped off a Seattle Seahawks fan at the game last Sunday.  Well done Jordin - You are now going to Hell!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Belated Christmas From Holly

It's late, so keep the noise down while Fapping!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

My God That is a Firm Ass!

Dubraska Doglia - Our Favorite Bikinis (With a Great Side Boob)

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Always in the Mood for Underbun!!!

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Our Favorite Dresses - Stripes, Heels and Legs!

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Hottie of the Day - This Asian Beauty

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Glen "Big Baby" Davis Takes Out a Kid at the Basketball Game

The Los Angeles Clippers' Glen 'Big Baby' Davis took a kid out earlier this week.  Davis is nearly 300 lbs.and wears a size 15 shoe!  Apparently the kid survived, but will be traumatized for the foreseeable future.

You Know What They Say: "It's The Thought That Counts"

OH OH - More Race Riots in NYC???

What is going to happen if this White NYC Cop beats this black man in Chess???   BRACE YOURSELF NYC!!!

Free Advice Friday - How to Make an Electric Train

Ladies and Gentlemen - The World's Simplest Electric Train

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thong Thursdays - On All Fours

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That is a Beautiful Birdcage

Not sure why you would want flowers on a birdcage, but it is pretty nonetheless!

Lana Kendrick Would Be The Perfect Poster Girl For Marvel Comics

Former Hottie of the Day Lana Kendrick makes the perfect poster girl for Marvel Comic Books!  

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A Christmas Gift From Us to You

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Bibi Jones Does a Christmas Striptease

Happy Holidays from Some Beautiful Brits

Random Christmas Babes

A Sexy Christmas Hottie

Behati Prinsloo is So Hot GOD Gave Her Golden Wings!!!

More Behati can be found here.

Playboy Christmas Cartoons - They Were Kind of Lame...

...but who read Playboy for the Cartoons anyway???

Merry Christmas from the Family - Robert Earl Keen

It's become a tradition here at the blog for us to post Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas from the Family" song/video on here.  This is our favorite Christmas song of all time.  Maybe some of you can relate to it, I know I can!!!


Driving to Austin from Iowa earlier this week and I came across this beautiful sight at a gas station along Highway 75 just south of Sherman, Texas (It was in Howe, TX I believe.)

I honestly never thought I would ever see Gas go below $2 a gallon ever again in my lifetime!  THERE IS A GOD!!!


We wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the Holidays and we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day!

They Had to Get The Christmas Tree Home Somehow

Seen on the "L", the Chicago Metro Transit Train - The Christmas Spirit is everywhere, even on the Trains!!!

If You Are In Austin on Christmas Day...THE INTERVIEW!!!

I am in Austin visiting family this week.  I saw on the news yesterday that Alamo Drafthouse was choosen as one of the theaters that will be allowed to show "The Interview".  It opens tomorrow.  I believe there are only about 100 theaters that will be showing it around the country.  I bought my tickets yesterday.

So if you are in Austin on Christmas Day and are tired of hanging out with the family, head over to Alamo Drafthouse!

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