Friday, March 13, 2015

Free Advice Fridays - 2015 Advice for Each Zodiac Sign

No idea where we got this. It just showed up in our inbox and we decided to post it. It is all over the internet, so we assume it is public domain. I've seen it on Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit. Enjoy!!!

Advice for the signs in 2015
  • Aries:Wake up early and eat a frivolous breakfast at least one day a week. It won't kill you to wake up at 6 for once, and maybe you'll finally get to see a sunrise as pretty as you.
  • Taurus:Stop punishing yourself for smiling. (Even if you hate your teeth). You're going to be grinning a lot this year. So get used to your dimples.
  • Gemini:Be careful who you tell things to. They might not be who you think they are.
  • Cancer:Crying doesn't make you weak. Remember that.
  • Leo:Drink less coffee in the morning. You shouldn't be shaking when you leave the house for school. 1 cup will do.
  • Virgo:You're going to fall in love this year. Whether it's with a hobby, a significant other or yourself.
  • Libra:You're not cracking, breaking or snapping. It's not always going to hurt. You'll get through it. You always do.
  • Scorpio:Be bold. Dye your hair blue or change up your wardrobe a bit. Change will be your saving grace.
  • Sagittarius:Focus on healing
  • Capricorn:Don't look back. What's in front of you is sweeter than anything that's fallen behind.
  • Aquarius:Call them and tell them how you feel. Stop waiting for them to dial your number first.
  • Pisces:It's only going to hurt you as much as you let it.

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