Saturday, January 24, 2015

Britney Lace Lives Up To Her Name

Britney Lace has to have a ton of Lace Lingerie, right?

Here is the whole NSFW Collection - Enjoy!

Which One - More Drunk College Coeds!

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our NSFW “Which One” Pics. And if those Beauties aren’t enough to pick from, here is a 2nd album of NSFW “Which One” Pics and a 3rd album! (WE just started album #4 here!)  We are always adding new pics to these groups!

Our Favorite Dresses - Nice Cleavage!!!

Check out our other "Favorite Dresses"           A Collection of NSFW Dresses

My Ideal Boss

I would love to have a role reversal and be her secretary!!!

Hottie of the Day - Serinda Swan

Canadian Actress Serinda Swan is Our Hottie of the Day - Enjoy!

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The Transformation of Heidi Sommers

Wow - What a Transformation!!!  Pic on the click for a larger view.  

They Have Inventive Home Remodeling In Russia

You have a small bathroom and want a bathtub instead of a shower?  No problem in Russia!

What a Naughty Grandpa

My friend's grandpa died last month after a long battle with cancer.  It was one of those deaths that were both sad and brought relief as he had been suffering and it was just a matter of time.  The doctors actually gave him 6 months to live when he was diagnosed but he lasted for almost a whole year.

His grandpa was like a grandpa to me too as I spent so much time over there at his house growing up.  He was over there going through things, packing stuff up and trying to determine what to do with everything when we came across this.  His grandpa swears he gave up smoking on New Year's Eve, 2000 and to be fair, we never saw him smoke after that.  But, it looks like he had his secret stashes.  We also found some cigarettes in a false back panel in his office desk drawer and some under the stairs in a shoe box that was buried beneath a few other boxes.  (BTW - He did not die of Lung Cancer, but of pancreatic cancer. Although the doc did say that smoking might have had a direct contribution to it.)

We Found the Model For Jeff Dunham's "Walter"

What is Wrong With These Two News Items?

America is F#$%ed Up!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Guess Is They Are Good Friends

They are Ines Cudna and Dana Benn and Yes, They are Friends!!!

Some Sexy Asses To Start Your Weekend

I'll Have a Double Shot of Espresso Please

Sexy NSFW Ass GIFS are Here

Our Favorite Lingerie - Lina Posada is Back!

The Always Sexy Lina Posada is Back in this Lingerie Piece.  MY GOD - WHAT A WOMAN!!!

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Hottie of the Day - Asian Beauty Kurea Hasumi

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Free Advice Friday - Sex After 50!

My Dad, who is a reader of the blog, sent me this and told me it would be perfect for "Free Advice Friday".  It comes from a Slideshow on the Website.  Here is the link to the slideshow.  

Sex After 50 If you don’t think you should be “doing it” as much as you get older, it’s time to rethink that proposition. The fact is, you can have more sex, you should have more sex, and to prove it we’ll give you seven healthful reasons to get back in bed immediately.
You Sleep Better Sex is connected with more and better-quality sleep, a bonus when so many of us are fighting insomnia and night wakings. Arousal and orgasm release the hormone oxytocin (“the cuddle hormone”) and decrease cortisol (“the stress hormone”), shutting down areas of the brain linked to stress, fear and anxiety.
You Look Younger Couples who have sex three times a week look 10 years younger, according to research by neuropsychologist David Weeks of Scotland’s Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Why? Possibly it’s the hormones released during sex, or because people who have more sex pay more attention to their appearance, diet and exercise.
You Lower Your Odds of GD (for Women) Sex can be painful for postmenopausal women with GD (genital dryness), but it’s treatable. Once the dryness has improved, having sex two or three times a week can keep GD away by increasing blood flow to the vagina, which helps improve lubrication and elasticity of the tissues.
You Lower Your Odds of the Big C (for Men) Men ages 46 to 81 who ejaculated frequently (21 times a month compared to seven or fewer) developed much less prostate cancer, a study of 29,000 men found. Scientists theorize it’s because infrequent ejaculation allows carcinogenic secretions to remain in the prostate. In other words, “cleaning the pipes” helps.
You Strengthen Your Relationship Even after 40 years of marriage, sexually active pairs consistently report higher levels of marital satisfaction, according to a 2014 study of 500 couples ages 58 to 85. And sex in this study didn’t necessarily mean intercourse. Cuddling, hugging and kissing all help, says University of Chicago sociologist Linda Waite.
You Have Less Severe Headaches Sex may help relieve migraine pain, a 2013 study found. Headache specialists at the University of M√ľnster in Germany surveyed migraine sufferers who had sex during their headaches. Sixty percent said it reduced or halted the pain. For them, “Honey, I have a headache” was obviously a good thing.
You Feel Happier The more sex people have, the happier they report feeling overall, says a 2013 Social Indicators Research report. Those having sex two to three times a week were 33 percent happier than those who’d had no sex in the past year, says sociologist Tim Wadsworth at the University of Colorado Boulder.

This Cat Got What's Coming to Him

Maybe that will teach him to stay off of the kitchen counter!!!  (PETA People - Lighten Up.  It's a Joke! I would never throw a cat in the trash...)

Gotcha Ya - Great Practical Joke Idea!

Could Cause Injury but it is guaranteed to cause a ton of Laughs!!!

Free Advice Fridays - How to Hold Your Breath for 5 Minutes

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We Present Sexy Isabella

This is Sexy Isabella, a Cam girl who I happen to know from a couple of years ago. I saw Isabella a couple of weeks ago when I was up in Chicago and mentioned the blog.  She checked it out and sent me an email, asking if I would post some of her pics.  She is hoping some of you readers will go visit her.  Here is her MyFreeCams page  
We have all of the pics from this set here (Warning - Many are NSFW)  

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