Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Small Bikini For a BIG Girl!!!

And by big, we don't just mean Boobies!!  That is Claudia Marie and she is a Plus Size X-Rated Model.

Ass Grabs

She is Going to Have Some Fun

To see What she does with those toys, CLICK HERE (NSFW)

Rainy Murphy aka Tatiahna - Our Favorite Dress

Rainy Murphy is back and bra-less again!!!

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Yana Balla - Our Favorite Lingerie

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Balla Yana by Said Energizer from said_energizer on Vimeo.

Stella Maxwell is Our Hottie of the Day

Back in October of last year, Stella was featured in "Our Favorite Bikinis."  Since then, we have had several requests for her to be our "Hottie of the Day"  You Ask, We Deliver!!!

2 Blondes Already in Bed - Which One???

More Decisions: Other Editions of “Which One?”

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NSFW “Which One” Pics. And if those Beauties aren’t enough to pick from, here is a 2nd album of NSFW “Which One” Pics and a 3rd album! EDIT: We have album #4 here! 5th album – Check it out here  Our Newest album is Album #6 - We are always adding new pics to these groups!

Can You Solve This Wheel of Fortune Puzzle???

My first thought was "Fuck Me In The Ass Tonight"   Something Tells Me I am Wrong!!!

This Doesn't Even Sound Good - The Carburetor Crunch

It sounds downright disgusting!!!   Phoenix Raceway will be offering a “deep-fried peanut-butter and jelly sandwich covered with Cap’n Crunch, bacon crumbles, bananas and caramel drizzle" this racing season.  It is called "The Carburetor Crunch"...YUCK!!!

My Response to Paying Taxes

If the IRS can do it, why can't we???

Friday, March 13, 2015

Queens of the Jungle

A Tribute to Women who would be Wonderful (and Sexy) "Queens of the Jungle"

It Looks Like They Are Waiting to Play

I would definitely let them play Rugby with Me...Go ahead ladies and be rough with me!!!

An Exquisite View of Susana Melo

Isabeli Fontana - Our Favorite Bikinis

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Free Advice Fridays - Words of Wisdom From Disney

Free Advice Fridays - A Man's Guide to Showering

Actually, it's very simple:

Jessica Jane Clement - Our Favorite Lingerie

Former Hottie of the   Day Jessica Jane Clement is back.

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Sexy NSFW Lingerie

A Bill Murray $5 Dollar Bill

No Offense to Honest Abe Lincoln, but I kind of prefer this version of the $5 Dollar Bill

Free Advice Fridays - 2015 Advice for Each Zodiac Sign

No idea where we got this. It just showed up in our inbox and we decided to post it. It is all over the internet, so we assume it is public domain. I've seen it on Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit. Enjoy!!!

Advice for the signs in 2015
  • Aries:Wake up early and eat a frivolous breakfast at least one day a week. It won't kill you to wake up at 6 for once, and maybe you'll finally get to see a sunrise as pretty as you.
  • Taurus:Stop punishing yourself for smiling. (Even if you hate your teeth). You're going to be grinning a lot this year. So get used to your dimples.
  • Gemini:Be careful who you tell things to. They might not be who you think they are.
  • Cancer:Crying doesn't make you weak. Remember that.
  • Leo:Drink less coffee in the morning. You shouldn't be shaking when you leave the house for school. 1 cup will do.
  • Virgo:You're going to fall in love this year. Whether it's with a hobby, a significant other or yourself.
  • Libra:You're not cracking, breaking or snapping. It's not always going to hurt. You'll get through it. You always do.
  • Scorpio:Be bold. Dye your hair blue or change up your wardrobe a bit. Change will be your saving grace.
  • Sagittarius:Focus on healing
  • Capricorn:Don't look back. What's in front of you is sweeter than anything that's fallen behind.
  • Aquarius:Call them and tell them how you feel. Stop waiting for them to dial your number first.
  • Pisces:It's only going to hurt you as much as you let it.

Arizona - You Are in Contempt!!!

Dear Arizona:

Arizona, I am mad at you.  I posted my take on Daylight Savings yesterday and how it really messes up my sleep schedule.  I feel like a zombie today! 

So what the crap?!?!? Why are you exempt from Daylight Saving Time? What makes you so special.  Is it your racial profiling?  You think you are above everyone else?  What is going on?  That is so unfair, State of Arizona. I, for one, am more than a little pissed about this. This business of springing forward, falling back, messed up sleep schedules, resetting all the clocks in the house, etc. is getting really, really OLD!!   I was miserable this morning, I have been miserable all day and I will probably be miserable most of the week! 

OH, but the "Great" state of Arizona, you will be a happy, smiley state won't you?  You know that Noon is actually noon there, while elsewhere we are double checking to see if it is noon or really 1 PM. 

Enjoy it while you can Arizona!  If I am ever elected President, you will be jumping on the whole Daylight Savings Time Bandwagon!  MARK MY WORDS!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

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