Saturday, October 3, 2015

Romi Rain Returns!

Please welcome back former Hottie of the Day and one of our favorite Porn Stars, Romi Rain!

Samantha Cardenas Takes a Call from a Client

I say that because she is a a "Big" Escort.  Here is her page (NSFW)

For the lovers of Fake Boobs – We Got you Covered Here!        
Get Your Underboob Here


More Beautiful Latinas Here!                              
Our NSFW Collection of Sexy Latinas Album #1  Here’s Album #2  and Album #3

The Correct Clothing for a Pull-Up

Our Favorite Bikinis - NSFW but we Approve!

Check Out All of Our Favorite Bikinis                    
Some NSFW Bikinis – Click Here

I Do As The Pasties Command!!!

That is one of our Favorites - Katya Sambuca.

NSFW Album of Katya

More Girls in Pasties.  

Sexy Abs Selfie - Our Favorite Bikinis

Check Out All of Our Favorite Bikinis                    Some NSFW Bikinis – Click Here

Madelyn Marie - Hottie of the Day

Madelyn Marie is Our Hottie of the Day - Check out Her NSFW Album Here!!!
 Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

4 Girls - Which One?

More Decisions: Other Editions of “Which One?”

Even More Tough Decisions – Check out our 
NSFW “Which One” Pics. And if those Beauties aren’t enough to pick from, here is a 2nd album of NSFW “Which One” Pics and a 3rd album! EDIT: We have album #4 here! 5th album – Check it out here  Our Newest album is Album #6 - We are always adding new pics to these groups!

Just Back from Shopping - Our Favorite Dresses

Check out our other "Favorite Dresses"           A Collection of NSFW Dresses

DYK - Don't Say "The" Ukraine!!!

Did You Know that Ukrainians consider it belittling and insulting to refer to Ukraine as "The" Ukraine.  Drop the "The" Please!!!!

More “Did You Know” Posts are Here

Our Favorite Songs: KISS - "Domino"

Love the riff, the lyrics, and Gene Simmons Singing.  Probably my favorite KISS Song ever!

Our other Favorite Songs

Katy Perry Gets Molested by a Female Fan on Stage

The fan began to kiss Katy Perry on the face and neck after she brought her onstage during a performance at the Rock in Rio festival on Sunday.

The Best News Bloopers of September 2015

Iowa's own Keith Murphy gets the cover shot from the ISU-Iowa Game.  Well Done!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Would Love To Be Outside Looking in at Bethanie Badertscher

That would be quite the view.  We had this pic in a post back in 2014.  Since then, we have found a few more pics from that photoshoot.   Enjoy!!!

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