Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lick It Up

Mandi Rae is a Very Flexible Girl!

A Micro-Bikini and Freaky Boot-Type Stockings

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Random Beautiful Asses!

amateur girls 1_0

Linn Loafi - Our Favorite Lingerie

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Suicide Girl Bethany Bunny is Our Hottie of the Day

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Sexy Pink Curves - Our Favorite Bikini

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Epic Football Hits

Do Not Watch if You Hate Seeing People get Concussions!!!

Super Bowl 50 Pick

With the spread now at -5.5 for Carolina, I would put my money down on Denver to cover the spread.  I am a huge Broncos fan and am pulling for them to win, but I don't think they pull it off.  The Broncos' Defense will be great though and will slow down Cam Newton and the Panthers, but not enough to win it.  I think Carolina wins by a field goal.  :(

DeLorean to Make the DMC-12 Again!

The DeLorean Motor Company will around 300 replicas of its 1982 DMC-12, the model featured in the "Back to the Future" films.  The company still has a factory in Humble, Texas.

I didn't even know they were still around.  Pretty cool.  The Delorean was a cool looking car.  I wonder how much they will sell for?

Ela is Our Midnight Muse

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Readers - Cynthia J.

This is Cynthia, a reader the Houston Area.  She claims to be a friend of a friend, but I have not gotten him to confirm that yet.  If she is, then my buddy better be hooking me up!!!!    

Thanks for sending a front and back view Cynthia - We want more!!!

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

Disclaimer:  These are emails and pictures sent to us from people that we usually do not know.  We have no way of knowing if these pics are really of the people who are sending them.  We write this because we have had a couple of pics sent to us who we knew were not the people claiming they were (nice try “Sara” sending us a pic of a young Jenna Jameson!)  If you send us a pic, please send us YOUR pictures.  Thanks!!! 

Jessica Gomes - Hottie of the Day

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Sydney Moon - Oil and Water!

Former Playmate Sydney Moon and Friend enjoying Oil and Water - Usually not a great combo but we approve of it here!  Click Here to Watch a Video clip that is the source of the GIF.

For the lovers of Fake Boobs – We Got you Covered Here!        

Hjørdis Arge - Our Favorite Lingerie

Danish Model Hjørdis Arge

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Sexy NSFW Lingerie  

Stella Maxwell - Wings and All

Former Hottie of the Day, Stella Maxwell, back and wearing her wings

Tracy Delicious - Our Favorite Dresses

Tracy Delicious - What a fitting Name!!!

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A Collection of NSFW Dresses

WTF - Semen-Infused Cocktails????

So THIS Really does Exist?????  Sorry, No Jizz-Infused Cocktails for Me!  I don't even want to taste my own cum, let alone someone else's!!!

Everything “WTF” on this blog

Free Advice Fridays - How to Have Outdoor Sex

Want to spice up your love life? Want to get bold and adventurous? Outdoor Sex might be what you are looking for! I've done it before and it is different, free, thrilling and kinky. For thrill seekers, you get an extra rush not knowing if you are going to get caught. For outdoor enthusiasts who already hike, bike and do just about everything in nature, why not have sex there too?

Here are a few tips to get you started in your outdoor lovemaking adventures:

1.  Pick the right time
For the adventurous, time doesn't matter.  But maybe your significant other is a little nervous so the nighttime might be best when it is dark and fewer people are out.  It all depends on your comfort level.

2. You Have to Do It in the Right LocationThis really comes down to personal preferences.  How public or private do you want it to be?The adventurous types might want to try and do it in a public park at noon, other prefer an abandoned farm or a good 40 or 50 yards off a hiking trail.  It is all up to you and your partner and your comfort levels.

3.  Make Sure you Dress for ItRemember, the more clothes you wear, the harder it will be to get naked and the longer it will take to get dressed again. We suggest the ladies wear skirts with either a thong or no panties at all.  That way, if someone walks by, you can easily cover up.  Guys, you just have to unzip, so that isn't too hard.  Just don't wear those briefs that have the closed front!

Why the Hell Not - Watch 7 Minutes of Soccer Trick Shots???

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