Saturday, February 6, 2016

Remy Lacroix and Gabriella Paltrova - A Little Pre-Rave Fun

Remy LaCroix and Fellow Hottie Gabriella Paltrova decide to do a Pre-Rave Photo Session

Alina Buryachenko Lost Her Dress

Veronique Popa Loves Bikinis

Our Favorite Russian, Katya Sambuca, at the Beach

Man, I would love to go to the beach with Katya Sambuca!                NSFW Images of Katya Here


Busty Blonde Beauty - Our Favorite Bikinis

Check Out All of Our Favorite Bikinis                    Some NSFW Bikinis – Click Here

Emma Glover - Sexy Selfies

We Love Busty Brit Emma Glover here at the blog.  We even offered her a job as our secretary (We haven't heard back from her yet) 

Here is a huge Emma Glover Album


Why Yes I am Happy!!!!

After Bugging my friend Teri to send me a pic, she finally comes through - Thanks Teri!!!!

Penis Facts

Headis - Playing Ping Pong With a Soccer Ball...

...and use only their heads instead of paddles - Impressive!

The sport is called Headis and is popular throughout Europe.

The Best News Bloopers of January 2016

Here they are - Sit back and Enjoy!

Rachel Harris - Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Friday, February 5, 2016

Two Beautiful Selfies - On/Off

More Beauties Clothed and Un-Clothed

She Knows How to Dress for a Selfie

This is a Near-Perfect Body

Sexy Asian Lingerie

Want to see some more of "Our Favorite Lingerie?"  Click Here!                    Sexy NSFW Lingerie  

More Asian Beauties Here                                               

NSFW Asian Hotties are Here   And we have a 2nd Album of Asian NSFW Beauties

Nice Bracelets!!!

For the lovers of Fake Boobs – We Got you Covered Here!        

Nika Litvinova is a Good Christian Girl

She has to be with that Cross Belly-Button Piercing!!!

Emily Ratajkowski Looking Hot in One of "Our Favorite Dresses"

Emily Continues to be One of Our Favorites!!!  Check Out all of her other posts here.  

NSFW Album #1 and Album #2 (This one is HUGE!)

Check out our other "Favorite Dresses"           A Collection of NSFW Dresses

Free Advice Friday - Super Bowl Party Talk for Non-Football Fans

We finally made it to Super Bowl 50.  It could be Peyton Manning's last hurrah or it could be the crowning of a new king QB who will dominate for the next 8-10 years.  Denver V. Carolina.  Even if you aren't a fan of either team, you can still watch the commercials and go to the Super Bowl parties at bars or friend's houses.

But what if you find yourself at one of these bars or parties with some hard-core football fans and you know little to nothing about either team or football in general.  You just know Peyton from those Pizza commercials and you have no idea what a "Cam" is.

Never fear!  We here at the blog have made a little cheat sheet for those who find themselves watching the Super Bowl with avid fans and need some conversation starters.  Follow the cheat sheet and you should look at least semi-knowledgeable. 


1. "Forget the Super Star QB's. The Denver Defense is the key.  If they can shut down Cam, they have a chance at winning.  If you take Cam out of the game, the Panthers are going to struggle."   Then laugh and pick a team.  When they ask you why you laughed say, "It doesn't really matter cause the ______________ are going to dominate anyway."

2. "I heard the Super Bowl was going to run a pro-abortion commercial, too. They were going to have Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber do a PA for it but it tested so well that it encouraged genocide."

3. "It would be a shame if Manning gets hurt in what might be his last NFL game."

4. "If Cam is on his game, it will be over by the end of the 1st quarter."


5. If it is Close: "We might be witnessing the greatest Super Bowl since the Giants beat the Patriots in '08."

6. If  it is a Blow-Out:  "Look on the bright side, it's only a couple of weeks til pitchers and catchers report."

7. "Hey, did you see the new X-Files? Yeah, me too."


9. "Remember when MTV would run Beavis and Butthead during the half time? Yeah. That was cool. Huh huh."

By the second half, most of the party-goers will be too drunk to carry on a rational conversation and you will be off the hook.  You can talk about whatever you want and most everyone will just look at you and nod in agreement.  Congratulations...You survived Super Bowl Sunday!!

More Great Advice from Our “Free Advice Fridays” Series

This Zoo Monkey is so Ghetto - Hilarious Video!

This Video of a Monkey Eating Bananas will make you laugh

If You Fear Elevators, Skip this Post

This freak accident happened in Santiago, Chile. An elevator shots up 31 flights in just 15 seconds and crashes into the roof. Kind of reminds me of that crazy elevator in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


The man did suffer injuries, but he survived - You Might want to think twice about riding Elevators again.

Makes for Easy ID

I LOVE EMPANADAS!!!  The problem is, I never know what is in them when my friends make them and neither do they.  I saw this ingenious method to identify the contents.  I can already check one Christmas Gift off the list.  Hope he isn't reading this!

Brazilian Boobs Are Featured on Our Midnight Muse

All of our Midnight Muses

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our Readers - Aisha

Do not know much about Sexy Aisha other than she is from NYC and found the blog through her brother (What kind of brother would want their sister sending nudie pics to us???)  Anyway, thanks to both and please send more!!!

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

Disclaimer:  These are emails and pictures sent to us from people that we usually do not know.  We have no way of knowing if these pics are really of the people who are sending them.  We write this because we have had a couple of pics sent to us who we knew were not the people claiming they were (nice try “Sara” sending us a pic of a young Jenna Jameson!)  If you send us a pic, please send us YOUR pictures.  Thanks!!! 

Porn Star Selfies

Aleska Diamond
 If you like Porn Stars, then Click Here to See Our Collection of Porn Stars that have graced the posts of this blog!

This is what you really want –
NSFW Collection of Porn Stars and our 2nd NSFW Collection
Niki Skyler

Nikita Von James

Brooklyn Chase
Janice Griffit

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