Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Couple of Fire Crotches

Aniuska Likes Selfies

Denisa Brazdova (aka Heather Wild) is Hot

Paloma is Our Hottie of the Day

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Neon Green

Something Tells Me She is a Stripper Working on Her Moves...

The Sexiest Wookiee Ever

Francoise Boufhal is Back!

Former Hottie of the Day Francoise Boufhal returns - Check Out Her Other Posts Here!

What a Lucky Dude!

You can't get much closer to death!  Aussie Drivers!!!

Random Thoughts - A Hearse and Carpooling

Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
More Random Thoughts

Trick Shots with Spin Tops

I never thought you could do trick shots with spin tops. Check out the shot at 1:50-WOW!!!


Kylie Kohl is Tonight's Midnight Muse

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Readers - Cheryl from Austin!

Hook em Horns!!!   We love Cheryl!!!!
Cheryl is a UT Student and an sports lover.  Plus she reads the blog.  Reason enough to marry her!!!

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