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Katie Banks as a Busty Jessica Rabbit - On/Off

How Can I Tell it is Katie Banks?  After all, she is wearing a wig.  That Mole above her right areola - Can't Miss it!

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She Has a Cute Bunny

She's Gotta Have Her Morning Cup of Coffee

I'm Hot For Teacher!

Remember the Van Halen Song, Hot for Teacher?  One of the best!  This hot teacher would have been perfect for the video - WOW!

The Van Halen Video...Because it Rocks:

Karina B. is Admiring the View

And so are we!

Iranian Beauty Gita H is Our Hottie of the Day

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Satisfying Saturdays - Some Satisfied Faces

All Things Satisfying on Saturdays

Neus – Pussy Weed Money

This is an intro into some kind of techno - if you are prone to seizures, skip this video.  If not...Enjoy!

Neus – Pussy Weed Money from Bizyaev Evgeny on Vimeo.

Random Thoughts - Cell Phones and Phone Numbers

When my parents die, I won't have any more phone numbers memorized.  With the advent of contact lists and cell phones, I don't have any numbers memorized other than my parents.  They have had the same number since I was born.  I don't even know my work number!


Not Sure How Many People You will get to apply. I wouldn't want to be used in their burgers!

The First Pig to Fly...

I Would Say She Appears Satisfied

All Things Satisfying on Saturdays

Ekaterina Zueva - Midnight Muse

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Leah Gotti and Madi Meadows are Caught in the Act

Leah Gotti has the Hat, Madi Meadows is on the bottom.  What Great Acting!!!  :)

The Entire Video can be found here - Warning: Use Ad-Blocker as there are a few pop-ups on there.

On/Off - An Open Invitation

More Beauties Clothed and Un-Clothed

Emma Glover - Giddy Up!!!

I volunteer to be ridden next!!!

Emma Glover is one of Our Favorites. This is post #12 and counting.

Our Huge NSFW Emma Glover Album

Hottie of the Day - Pierced Nipple Selfie

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Looks Like I'm Going to Take Up Rollerblading

Dat Ass - A Standing Ovation Please!!!

Love That Ass.  Here is another Bulls Fan, Sabrina Sins, showing that Ass

Ana Cheri in One of Our Favorite Bikinis

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Festival Stormtroopers

If Daddy Were Alive...

...I don't think he would be very proud of his baby girl!

Free Advice Fridays - For The Guys "Multiple Orgasms"

This was sent to us by a friend of ours named Alicia. Why? We were all out drinking this weekend and we started talking about how women are so lucky that they can have multiple orgasms. She quickly interrupted and explained that guys can have them too. She had read an article on Reddit and explained it all too us. She had saved the article so she forwarded it to us. (Sorry, she did not have the username of the person who originally wrote it. If this is your article, let us know and we will give you credit.)

Here it is Guys:

Hi! I posted on r/sex yesterday about an issue related to having dry orgasms, and since a few of you guys asked me how i manage to do it, here's a guide. I'll do my best to make it clear and non-boring :)
Question 1. *"How much time does it take? Does it take months?" * No it doesn't take months. I got my first dry orgasm within two weeks after i started, and after that it gets so much easier.
What you need:
A penis
Access to porn, some sort of erotica or a good imagination A place where you can spend about 10 minutes without being disturbed ( the bathroom is good)
And most importantly, it helps if you like to masturbate a lot.
Theres 3 phases that i followed. I didn't follow any of this from a guide or the internet. I just experimented and my way of experimenting just happened to work. Of course it may vary from person to person but i think that generally most guys' orgasms are similar, opposed to a bigger variation in female orgasms.
Phase 1: Kegels
Step 1. Get an erection
Step 2. Don't touch your penis. Lie on the bed sideways ( you can also stand up, but bed is easier to begin with).
Step 3. Try to flex your muscles down there and try to lift your boner up. When i say up, i mean towards your stomach. Then relax the muscles and let it drop. Repeat about 15 times, take a 2 minute break. Do this 3 times. You will need to have the erection while you do this step. Do this for about 3 days. Then proceed to Phase 2. Or you can do them simultaneously.
If you have trouble finding your PC muscles ( these are used to do kegels) I would recommend googling it and figuring it out.
Phase 2: Having a dry orgasm After a few days of doing kegels, you should have a bit of control over your muscles. Now you need to learn how to use that control.
Step 1.Get an erection.I would recommend using your imagination first. Porn seemed to turn me on much more, which made it harder to contain the orgasm. So think of a fantasy that's not too good but just enough to keep an erection.
Step 2.Start masturbating.
Step 3.Once you get close to orgasm, stop.Don't get to the stage where the process has started. Right before that. Flex your pc muscles, just like you practiced moving the boner up in Phase 1. If you get the timing right, this will let you "cancel" the orgasm.
I had to try this step a few times with no success( and left with me unsatisfactory refractory periods) before i managed to get the timing and muscle control right. How do you know when you've done it right? Your penis will move up and down( similar to your normal orgasms) but you won't ejaculate. You'll feel it vibrating and throbbing and it will feel just like a normal orgasm, but the feeling of ejaculating won't be there. The first few times a you might find it hard to stop the flow of semen, but in a few tries you'll automatically learn how to. This is the hardest thing you will have to do. *lame attempt to make a pun by OP *
Congratulations! If you got upto here you just had your first dry orgasm. Is that it? No sir. Proceed to Phase 3.
Phase 3 : Multiple orgasms This phase takes as long as you want(time). It's upto you how much you want to do it.
If a man is to orgasm but not ejaculate, his erection willbe there. This means, if you manage to have a dry orgasm, you will notice that you haven't lost your erection. What does this mean? You get to do it multiple times without losing your erection, which is pretty great.
Step 1.(This is the only step)
Masturbate. A lot. It doesn't make you blind and it's healthy. 2 times day is good. You can use porn now too! Try to incorporate Phase 2 ( stop masturbating and do kegel right before orgasm). In time, you will be able to get a dry orgasm every time you masturbate. The second orgasm can be a normal one. After a while, you'll realize that you can have a second dry orgasm and then have a normal one. Just practice, and you'll learn how to have more dry orgasms while using less effort.
Things to keep in mind:
1.Don't try to develop this during sex. It's difficult to practice during sex and it'll be awkward.
2. If you get past 6 consecutive dry orgasms( this is my maximum upto now) I'd suggest being careful. After having about 6 orgasms,(of course, you may have a different limit) it gets a bit tiring. 3. I don't know if this is 100% healthy. I've been doing it for a few months now and I'm doing great. But i wont be liable for anything.
1.You can orgasm more. Feeling good multiple times is good.
  1. You can last more. Having multiple orgasms takes longer than having one orgasm.
  2. It's like a switch. You can have a normal orgasm or you can have a dry one. You just have to decide close to orgasm.
  3. The more consecutive dry orgasms you have, the better it will feel. The intensity goes up.
  4. The more consecutive dry orgasms you have, the longer it will take for the next orgasm. For example, it takes longer to have the 2nd dry orgasm since the first dry orgasm, than to have the first dry orgasm. Why? As you have consecutive dry orgasms, the sensitivity of the penis goes down. However, once you have a final orgasm, it'll go soft and next time you masturbate you'll be at the beginning again. So no worries!
*That's all i have for you guys. I hope it helps! Happy fapping ;D *

Have You Ever Seen a Shoplifting Seagull?

Now You Have!

Quite the Ballsy Pass!

Well Done!

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