Saturday, July 23, 2016

She Must Be a Lefty

A Dream Come True!!!

This has to be just about every guy's fantasy...

Baking Babes

They are Heating Things Up in the Kitchen 

Nikki Benz and Jesse Jane Cleaning Themselves Up

Two of the Hottest Porn Stars - Jesse Jane and Nikki Benz!!!

Watch the entire video here.

Karla Spice - Hottie of the Day

Karla Spice has been the devil, but she can also be as sweet as an angel - A Naughty Angel but that is how we like em!

Bimbo Boobs in One of "Our Favorite Bikinis"

Check Out All of Our Favorite Bikinis                    Some NSFW Bikinis – Click Here

She Must Be Canadian

Labatt's Blue Light - I prefer just plain Labatt's Blue when I am up in the Great White North

The Cage Dress Was Born on This Day

July 23, 2008 - On this day, The Cage Dress was born.  A Cage Dress is a transparent latex dress that was designed by HMSlatex. The prototype Cage Dress was created by its founder, Sophie on this day in 2008.   THANK YOU SOPHIE!!!!

The Magical Porta Potty


Iowa is 'Murica!

I live in Iowa where we have a huge concentration of Bald Eagles.  I had read somewhere that we were in the top 5 or 6 of states for Bald Eagle Numbers.  I was over along the Mississippi River yesterday and was out on a friend's boat.  During our 4 hour boating adventure, I saw a total of 5 Bald Eagle.  Very Cool!

I can be a geek and I love eagles.  I keep a yearly bald eagle count since I moved to Iowa 5 years ago. The numbers are on the rise.  My first year, I saw a total of 8.  Last year, I saw 15.  This year, I have already seen 12.  This Meme is very fitting.

If You Like Rugby, You Will Appreciate This

Great Score!
Rugby Super Score!

It's Like a Broken Record...

...Over and Over and Over - An Endless Loop!

Ashley Sinclair is Our Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ashley Juggs Showing Off Her Dance Moves

And a Couple More GIFS For your Viewing Pleasure:

Porn Star Abby Cross - On/Off

More Beauties Clothed and Un-Clothed

This Is How You Make a Helicopter Crash (NSFW)

That would be more than a little distracting.  I would want to "Dive Right in There" (Terrible Pun but it fits!)

Mako Oda is Our Hottie of the Day

Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

She Knows How To Do a Titty Drop!

Perfect!  Love Some Big Natural Titties!!!

Babe Birthdays - July 22nd

Happy Birthday to the following Babes:

Kinzie Kenner (32)

Alexandra Devine (30)

Angela Little (44)

Texas Presley (35)

Honoring the Hottest Women in the Universe - More Babe Birthdays Can Be Found Here

Katja Krasavice Gives Us a Peek of Underboob

Katja is a German YouTube Sensation.  Check Out Her Instagram - She posts a lot of Sexy Selfies

Alina Lewis - A Day at the Beach

My Buddy Jon is The Luckiest Guy Around!

My friend Jon is sick of his job.  He works in sales for an Auto Supply Company.  The past few weeks he has been talking about quitting and trying to find a more meaningful job.  He just didn't see himself going any higher in the company anytime soon.  Sunday, he had decided he was going to do it.  I was over at his place and he had already began writing his resignation letter and was going to turn it in on Tuesday (He had Monday off.)

So what happens?  He gets to work on Tuesday and they call him into the office.  He had no idea what they wanted to talk to him about.  He walked in there with the envelope to give them with the letter.  Before he could say anything, they inform him that the company was bought last week and they are downsizing.  He is one of about 15 employees that they are going to let go.  So Jon is getting laid off (Today was his last day) and he is going to get some sort of severance package (not sure if it is four months like the meme here, but it will be a good one.)  He also gets to keep his insurance for awhile, etc.  That Lucky Bastard!!!!

Free Advice Fridays - When To Ask a Girl if She is Pregnant


A Pepper or a Penis?

Personally - I think it is a Penis trying to disguise itself as a pepper.

Random Thoughts - Alcohol Free-Free Alcohol

You can't get too much more opposite in meaning by switching two words around.  Alcohol Free is a downer while Free Alcohol means "PARTY!"

More Random Thoughts  

Busty Blonde Venera is Our Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

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