Saturday, October 20, 2018

Just a Little Taste on a Satisfying Saturday

All Things Satisfying on Saturdays (WARNING - some Most are NSFW)    

Jenny McClain Needs Her Morning Caffeine Fix

Victoria Rae Black - Topless and Lovin' It

A Natural Beauty in Nature

Sara Jean Underwood enjoying a Hot Spring...

Crystal Westbrookes - Make Sure to Get Every Inch Covered

Larger and Better Quality:

SHIT!!! It Finally Happened!

Pigs Are Flying!

Love This Kids Menu!

Daisy Summers is Definitely Enjoying a Satisfying Saturday

All Things Satisfying on Saturdays (WARNING - some Most are NSFW)    

Katerina Bolinger -- Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Friday, October 19, 2018

Natalia Andreeva - Catch the Rainbow

Sexy Dress Selfie - On/Off

More Beauties with their Clothes On and Off

I Wish I Was a Lesbian!

Elle Matthews - Matching Blindfold

Nicaraguan Beauty Teresa Maria Loves Jack Daniels

Free Advice Fridays - The Ten Commandments Of Giving a Blowjob

This was submitted to us by a friend of ours, Cheryl.  She has sucked her fair share of dicks in her 35 years of life.  She claims she can make a man propose to her after one blowjob.  Ladies, this one is for you!

The 10 Commandments of Giving a Blowjob 

Thou shalt use lots of saliva. LOTS of it. Lick it up and down, bottom to top, and top to bottom. Spit on it, cover it like you're smothering your pancakes with syrup. You'll need the lube... Too much friction makes your job harder and less pleasant for him.

Thou shalt use your hands. Do work! You can even use two! Don't let them sit idly by your side! You can use your hands adjunct to give a HJ along with your mouth to cover more surface area. Also, if your mouth starts to get tired or you need to reposition, you can use your hands to jerk him off while you break. Double fist that sumbitch and twist (gently, of course) if you want to. Use saliva on your hands, don't let it dry out. Whatever you do, don't lose your momentum!

Thou shalt not neglect the balls. Use a hand to touch them. Take a moment to use your mouth to tend to them. Don't forget they're there and REALLY like attention. Lick on em, suck on em, but not too hard. If your guy is into it, a little gooch attention is good too. He may be into you licking under his balls, so if you're down for it, give it a try! I hear prostate simulation is good shit, but some are NOT cool with this. So, you might want to ask before you go sticking a finger in his booty hole.

Thou shalt make eye contact. He wants to see you enjoying yourself, dammit. Look up at him, with his junk in your mouth. Look like you want his dick, NEED his dick, and let him know you know it's not just any dick, it's HIS dick. Eye contact adds a personal touch.

Thou shalt not remain silent. Make noise. Groan, moan, gag, mmm, pretend that motherfucker is tasty and you're lovin' it more than McDonald's.

Thou shalt use some suction. Yes, it is called 'sucking dick' for a reason. Alternate using minimal to moderate intensity, but don't overdo it. You're not competing with Dyson to see who sucks the hardest, so don't overdo it. A little here and there is good, but don't try to suck his guts out like his dick is a fucking drinking straw.

Thou shalt make a sincere attempt to deep throat. Relax. Say the alphabet backwards in your head. You can fit in more than you think. If you can't, just be a good sport and try anyway. He'll totally appreciate the effort and if you choke a little, and he'll be flattered that his enormous member is gagging you. This is the kind of shit he'll be jacking off to for years to come (no pun intended).

Thou shalt maintain movement and sustain activity. Whether it be your tongue, hands, lips, mouth, whatever, move. And don't stay in one area way too long unless he's digging it or climaxing. So, basically, don't just sit there with his cock in your mouth like a fucking thermometer.

Thou shalt not reject thy semen. You might not like it in your mouth, you might hate to swallow. But I'm going to just be honest... It's better if you do. At the VERY LEAST let him blow in your mouth. It feels better leaving it in during climax. And men love the idea of you taking their glorious load in your mouth. You don't have to swallow... But, to be frank, it's not attractive to run to the bathroom and spit. Imagine if your guy got done eating you out and ran to the bathroom to spit! So, is it a commandment to swallow? Nah. Will swallowing feel any better for him? Nah. Will it make the overall experience better? Hell yeah! (Pro-tip: Commandment #7 and do an auto-swallow)

Thou shalt show enthusiasm! Get on your knees. Act like it's the most wonderful Cock you've ever seen. Worship that Dick, ladies. Take that motherfucker to church!

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What a Cute Face!

Midnight Muse - Asian Tanlines

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wouldn't You Love to Hang Out at the Pool With Christy Mack?

Anyone Up For a Game of Paddle Ball?

I'm not a big fan of ping pong, but I would let her beat me!

So Curvy!!!!!

It's Thong Thursday - A Tiny Girl, Tiny Thong

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Wish My Bride Would Have Worn VS Bridal Lingerie

A "Single Mom" Moment

Proud to Admit She is "White Trash"

I Think He Is Kissing Shrek!

Former HOTD Coralinne is Tonight's Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bored While Waiting for the Doctor

Vassanta - Please Arrest Me!

Kristina Cher aka Vassanta

A Busty Get-Together...Which One?

Alexa Collins Wearing "Our Favorite Lingerie"

Here is Alexa in One of "Our Favorite Bikinis"

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Asses In Red

That's alot of Ass!!!

Next Tme - Just Step On The Wet Paint

Watch out for wet paint.

My Kind of Establishment!

Lucy Jade - What is That Between Her Legs?

Miss Tina Louise is Our Midnight Muse

This is Post #4 for Tina Louise - Her Other Three Posts Are Here

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

She Knows How to Take a Quality PELFIE!

Hottie of the Day - Take Those Jeans Off!!!

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Dakini in the Desert

Former Midnight Muse Dakini - What a Body!

Our Favorite Lingerie - The Underboob Window

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Emily Sears is in a Festive Fall Mood

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The Dog Had Finally Had Enough!

How Long Until a Drunk Guy Tries to Screw The Pipe?

Midnight Muse - Jasmin is Showing Off

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

And a close-up from the same photo shoot:

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Lovely Snapchat Spread

Lana Rhoades - Curvy Perfection!

Quite a Mixture of Ladies - Which One?

She Needs a New Phone

Our Favorite Lingerie - An Angel in White

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Christmas Shopping for the Girlfriend is Done

I Think This Deer Made a Slight Miscalculation When Jumping The Fence

These Ladies Luv Cum!

Brandy Aniston

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