Saturday, April 27, 2019

Satisfying Saturdays - Mazzy Grace: A Little Public Fun

Katerina Hartlova is Cuffed and Waiting

If You Want to See What She Can Do...

A Cute, Petite On/Off

More Beauties with their Clothes On and Off

An Asian Beauty in a Very Sexy Bra

It Is Joselyn Cano Time...

Ready to go to the Festival - Which One?

Those Must Be "Sea" Cups!

Satisfying Saturday - A Fit, Bolted On Beauty

She Goes by the Name Kendra - The Entire Video is Below:

All Things Satisfying on Saturdays (WARNING - some Most are NSFW)    

Luisa Suicide - Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Friday, April 26, 2019

Ani Butler is Intense

Emily Bloom - Chafing May Occur

All Monsters Are Human

Maude Hirst - The American and European Versions of Her History Channel Show "Vikings"

Coralinne - Her Shirt is Wrong!

Vera Bambi - Hufflepuff Wins With Her!

Pirate Slide or a Vagina Slide?

Here Kitty, Kitty - I Got Something For You!

Octavia May - Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Revealing a Glorious Pair...Cue the Angel Choir

Valentina Lequeux - Hottie of the Day

Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

Kylie Orchid - What a Body!

Thong Thursdays - Off It Comes!

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

Brazilian Beauty Pagents are the Best

Thank God For Brazilian Women!

All of a Sudden, I'm in the Mood for a Burger!

Portuguese Gymnast Raquel Pinto - Impressive

Gymnast Raquel Pinto from Portugal performing a series of flips

Veronica & Katya Rodriguez - Sexy Scissoring

More Veronica Rodriguez - We Have a Ton of Posts

Palomia is Tonight's Midnight Muse

All of our Beautiful Midnight Muses

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Marina Visconti is Our Hottie of the Day

Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

Athena Faris - Appropriately Named After a Goddess

Check Out Athena on a Satisfying Saturday

Our Readers - A Sexy Grad Student

Catalina from Iowa City - She's a Grad Student and Single.  Guys in Iowa City...Here's Your Chance.  

If you want to be featured on the blog, send us a pic and a short description to

Disclaimer:  These are emails and pictures sent to us from people that we usually do not know.  We have no way of knowing if these pics are really of the people who are sending them.  We write this because we have had a couple of pics sent to us who we knew were not the people claiming they were (nice try “Sara” sending us a pic of a young Jenna Jameson!)  If you send us a pic, please send us YOUR pictures.  Thanks!!! 

Just A Reminder - Boating Season is Near!

Allison Rose - What an Ass!!!

I Would Happily Oblige!

Is This Baby Parking or a Spot for Fat-People Who Like To Grill?

You Guys Love Cum Covered Ladies...

Ashley Adams

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