Thursday, April 23, 2020

Our List of Sex Holidays to Help You and Your Significant Other Make it Through Quarantine

My GF and I decided to find all the holidays related to sex so we could celebrate them while we are in quarantine together.  We put them on our shared calendar and hope it will give us a boost in motivation throughout the year. Figured I'd share what we found. Some of these might have been one time things and many were sponsored by companies for promotions, but we figured to make them annual events.

Jan 13 - National shower together day
Jan 15 - International Fetish Day
Feb 14 - Valentines Day
Match 14 - Steak and a Blowjob Day
April 13 - International Kissing Day
April 14 - Cake and Cunnilingus Day
April 18 - National send nudes Day & National Anal Sex Day
April 24 - National Lingerie Day
June 9 - National Sex Day (it's 6/9)
June 22 - No panty Day
July 14 - National Nude Day
July 21 - National Handjob Day
July 31 - National Orgasm Day
Aug 5 - National underwear day
Aug 25 - Go Topless Day
Oct 21 - International Fisting Day
Nov 4 - Sex Toy Day
I'm sure there are others, if you know more please share!

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