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We are a collection of 5 brilliant bloggers.  Each one of us brings their own unique perspective and background to the blog, making this blog entertaining, diverse and interesting.

Let's meet the Blogging Team:

Matt Harvath:  Matt is the founder of the blog.  He started it back in February of 2012.

Matt is a former High School teacher turned college professor, writer, lecturer and educational consultant.  Matt has lived in many places and brings his "Worldview" to the blog.  He has lived in Texas, Iowa, New Mexico and Colorado.  He is also international, having lived in India, Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia.  

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Lanthie RansomLanthie Ransom
Lanthie writes her own slightly risqué blog called Life Cherries.  We liked her style of writing so we asked her to be a contributing author. She adds the feminine touch to the blog.  Matt and Lanthie are responsible for the "Cherries and Bananas" series which has been very well received. Besides being the mother of 4 boys, she runs he own company in the events and entertainment industry and is General Manager of an IT company specializing in broadcast and media. In her down time she does Belly Dancing. Lanthie currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She has lived in Brunei and Dubai and has traveled the world extensively.  Lanthie is always up to the challenge of writing about anything so feel free to contact her and give her some ideas.

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Enrique Santos:  Enrique and Matt went to college together.  They both attended the University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'em Horns!)  Enrique still lives in Austin and co-owns a location scouting company with offices in Austin, L.A., New York, London and Singapore.  Scouting locations for movies and TV shows keeps Enrique on the Go.  He travels often and figures that he is only home in Austin on average of about 12 days a month.  His group regularly scouts locations for The Amazing Race and Survivor TV Series along with numerous movies and TV shows.  

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Tony Giordano:  Tony is from Chicago and is new to the blogging world.  He was a follower of the blog for months and sent a few articles to the blog.  They were pretty good so he got a returning gig as one of the blog's writers.

Tony currently works at an international consulting firm, helping companies break into markets around the world.  Like Enrique, Tony gets to travel often.  His family also owns a small restaurant/bar chain in Chicago and he puts in alot of time working in the family business.

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IChris:  Chris is our West Coast Guy.  He lives in L.A. and has his own blog, "IChris Unfiltered" and a Youtube Channel with all of his Podcasts.   He loves sports, entertainment and all things California.  Matt and Chris worked together in the past on another blog.  We look forward to reading all of his "Ramblings."

Chris' Social Media Connections:
Instagram: ichrisunfiltered
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Google+: iChris Unfiltered

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